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Cadet Corps
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105th Cadet Corps
(848-Ongoing, set to graduate in 851)

The 104th Cadet Corps (第104期訓練兵団 Dai-hyakuyon-ki Kunren Heidan?) is the only graduating class introduced in the series and the Southern division contains nearly all of the central characters. It was active during the years 847 through 850 when the remaining recruits graduated.

The top ten of the class, those with the best grades, included, in order: Mikasa Ackermann, Reiner Braun, Bertholdt Hoover, Annie Leonhart, Eren Jaeger, Jean Kirschtein, Marco Bodt, Conny Springer, Sasha Braus and Christa Lenz. As with all graduating classes, only those in top ten can apply to the Military Police Brigade, giving them the privilege of living in the Inner District. The 104th was disbanded at the end of the graduation ceremony,[1] with a total of 218 graduates.[2]


Instructor - Southern Division

Top Ten - Southern Division

Southern Division

Top Ten - Other Divisions

Instructor Sadies' Individual Cadet Evaluations

  • Reiner Braun - "He's strong as an ox and has a will to match. But more than anything, he's earned the trust of his comrades."
The trainees offer up their hearts to mankind

The cadets offer up their hearts to mankind

  • Armin Arlelt - "When it comes to physical strength, he doesn't measure up to soldier standards. But I hear that in the classroom lectures, he's shown extraordinary imagination."
  • Annie Leonhart - "The angle of approach of her slashing attack is impeccable... She carves deeply into the target. Personality-wise, she tends to be a loner and has trouble cooperating."
  • Bertholdt Hoover - "He's mastered every single skill that's been taught... And I believe he has a lot of potential... But he lacks drive and tends to leave decisions to others."
  • Jean Kirschtein - "He has a deep understanding of the vertical maneuvering equipment and excels at exploiting that skill... He can also take in a situation at a moment's glance, but his personality is like a drawn sword, which tends to create conflict."
  • Conny Springer - "He has a fine sense of balance and is effective at vertical maneuvering. However, he's got a slow mind and often makes strategic mistakes."
Some trainees arranged by height

The core members of the 104th Cadet Corps arranged by height

  • Sasha Braus - "She moves quickly and has remarkable instincts... But she has issues with structure, making her ill-suited for organized activity."
  • Mikasa Ackermann - "She's mastered every single difficult subject perfectly. Her talent is historically unprecedented, making her the most valuable of them all."
  • Eren Jaeger - "Though proficient at barehanded fighting, he doesn't seem to have any other skills... But he possesses a sense of purpose that's twice as strong as anyone else's. Through constant effort, his grades have improved steadily."[citation needed]


  • Of all top ten graduates only Annie Leonhart applied to the Military Police, Marco Bodt died before choosing a branch (though he constantly spoke of joining the MPs), the other 8 joined the Scout Regiment, and no one chose the Garrison.
  • It is stated that the main cast belong to the Southern branch. There are four divisions of the 104th operating within Wall Rose, one for each major district. Prior to the loss of Wall Maria, there were a total of eight divisions operated by the military.[3]
  • It is notable that Eren Jaeger graduated into the Scout Regiment several days before any of the other recruits chose their divisions due to special circumstances.[4]



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