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This article is about the first monarch within the Walls. For other subjects by the name of the Founding Titan, see Founding Titan (Disambiguation). For more pages referred to by this name, see King Reiss (Disambiguation).

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First King
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Founding Titans
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Unknown, eventually Ymir Fritz Unknown, eventually Mr. Reiss
Quote1 So the First King would call this true peace? What a funny way to look at things. Quote2
— Hange Zoë on the 145th King

The 145th King (145代目の王 145-Daime no ō?), known as King Fritz (フリッツ王 Furittsu-ō?)[2] beyond Paradis, and King Reiss (レイス王 Reisu-ō?)[1] or the First King (初代王 Shodai-ō?) on the island, was the monarch with the power of the Founding Titan who created the Walls and modified the memories of most of the Eldians within them, erasing the history of the outside world.[4]


The King's human form is unknown, but his Titan form was 13 meters tall. He had long, straight hair and sharp teeth. In contrast to his thick legs, the upper part of his body was quite skeletal, with his ribs visible through his skin. His arms were thin and long, similar to those of the Beast Titan.


Over a century before the battle of Trost, the 145th King of the Fritz family inherited the power of the Founding Titan. For many hundreds of years, various families subservient to the Fritz family were constantly at war with each other for control over the eight Titans. Rather than following the method of his ancestors and using the Founding Titan to maintain order in the nation of Eldia, King Fritz chose instead to move the capital of Eldia to the island of Paradis to the east of the mainland of their nation. In the King's absence, the oppressed society of Marley instigated the Great Titan War in Eldia, taking control of seven out of the nine Titans and rising up against their oppressors.[5][6]

Rather than leaving Paradis and contributing to the war, King Fritz chose instead to gather the royal family and the people of Eldia to the island. When humanity had gathered to Paradis, King Fritz used the power of the Founding Titan to guide countless Colossus Titans in the construction of the three concentric Walls Maria, Rose, and Sheena around the last remaining territory of Eldia in which the subjects of Ymir could finally live in true peace.[7][2]

After the Eldians were inside, he used his power again to alter the memories of all the Subjects of Ymir, erasing all knowledge about the world outside the Walls and the history before that event.[7] Minority bloodlines that are not Subjects of Ymir were unaffected by this manipulation, such as the nobles, the Ackerman family, and the Asian clan.[8]

King Fritz, now the First King of the newly named Reiss family, later gave the Founding Titan to a descendant in the Reiss family, presumably dying in the process as it was likely passed on in the same succession ritual that Uri Reiss and Frieda Reiss participated in.[9]


The Reiss family continued passing down the Founding Titan between them from generation to generation long after the First King's death. This was done by having the successor transform into a Titan and devour the previous user; thus gaining the Founding Titan, the power of the Titans, the lost memories of mankind, and even the ideology of the First King; keeping them from sharing their knowledge and from ever freeing humanity from their encagement.[10][11]


The King held the power of the Titans, specifically that of the Founding Titan, and displayed many abilities related to that power; some of them at a rather advanced level. His powers included:

  • Memory Manipulation: He was capable of manipulating the memories of Subjects of Ymir. Other ethnicities, such as the Ackermans, the Asian bloodline,[12] and the noble families, are unaffected.[13]
  • "Titan Control": The First King used this power to control Titans and build the Walls, by making them harden their bodies and confine themselves into the resulting structures.[14][15]
  • "Memory Inheriting": He was able to pass down his memories to an unknown member of the Reiss family after dying, making them the holder of the lost memories of mankind. This also happened with all of the other inheritors, who inherited the memories of the First King and the inheritors themselves. However, they and all their subsequent heirs also inherited his belief that a world ruled by Titans would be "true peace". This influence is so strong that even people that wanted to stop the Titans changed their minds when they received the power, deciding not to make a move and refusing to reveal the reason, even to their own families.[16]
  • "Power of the Titans": Little is known about his abilities as a Titan, except for the fact that he had enough control to retain his intelligence while transformed; since he was seen surrounded by a crowd of people without attacking them, and without any of those people trying to flee.[17]

People Killed


  • Hange Zoë created the term "Founding Titan" (始祖の巨人 Shiso no Kyojin?, also translated as "Progenitor Titan") to refer to the ability and anyone with the power of the Titans who could master its power, including the First King.[19] Coincidentally, the Eldia Restorationists and other inhabitants of Marley also referred to the power by this name.[20]


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