The Ackermann family (アッカーマン家 Akkāman-ke?) is one of the families within the Walls. It is the family where Mikasa Ackermann hails from.


In the year 844, the Ackermanns were in their house deep in the woods, expecting a visit from their usual doctor, Grisha Jaeger. Mrs. Ackermann showed her daughter, Mikasa, an embroidery style which she said was passed through generations in their clan, and told her she too would pass it on once she had a child. Mikasa innocently asked how to have a child, which her father dismissed by telling her to ask Dr. Jaeger once he arrived. Shortly after, the door was knocked and when Mr. Ackermann opened it, he was suddenly stabbed in the stomach by a stranger.

Mrs. Ackermann tries to fight off a kidnapper

Mrs. Ackermann tried to fend off a kidnapper

A group of three men entered the house, with one of them brandishing an axe as a threat. Seeing her husband on the floor, Mrs. Ackermann grabbed a nearby scissor and tried to fend off the man, telling a frozen Mikasa to run off; before she was struck in the shoulder by the axe-wielding kidnapper.

Mikasa with the knife

Mikasa went for a killing blow

In a nearby house, two kidnappers argued about killing the mother, before a child suddenly opened the door. Eren, having been brought by Grisha to the Ackermanns' house earlier, tracked the kidnappers and feigned being lost in the woods, before he, with a small knife, sliced open a kidnapper's throat and charged the second one, killing him with a makeshift spear. After he freed Mikasa, the third kidnapper arrived and attempted to strangle Eren. Mikasa watched frozen in fear, as Eren urged her to fight back. She picked up the knife realizing the world is a cruel place, and with a sudden surge, she went for a killing blow at the last kidnapper.[1]


The Struggle for Trost arc

During the Battle of Trost District, Mikasa Ackermann recalls the time from her childhood when her mother and father were killed by human traffickers who were hoping to sell her and her mother to potential buyers in the underground city. She is rescued by Eren Jaeger, killing two of the traffickers before Mikasa kills the third after Eren urges her to fight.[1]


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