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Anka Rheinberger (アンカ・ラインベルガー Anka Rainberugā?) is a member of the Garrison and one of Dot Pixis' escorts, the other being Gustav.[2]


Anka is a young woman who has brown kempt hair, long enough to reach her neck, that is constantly tucked behind her ears. She also has light brownish-colored eyes. As a soldier, she is seen wearing the usual Garrison uniform.


Anka's personality

Anka's calm and serious nature

Not much is known about her personality, however, as a soldier, Anka is shown to express little to no emotion, except for the moment when she learns of the gate breach in Trost District, which leaves her shocked, and when she learns that the plan to seal the gate was a success she shows surprise and relief.[2] She seemingly follows orders without any objections, not questioning Pixis for going with such an uncertain plan as using Eren Yeager in his Titan form to seal the gate. However, she also understands the feelings of other soldiers and stated that there is a limit to how much one can be motivated by fear.[3] At the same time, it was shown that Anka's behavior towards Pixis is not completely formal, as she woke her superior up by slapping him as well as saying that she does not want to be stuck taking care of him.[4]


Battle of Trost District arc

Arriving to Trost

Anka arrives at Trost

Later, Anka arrives to the Trost District with other soldiers just in time for Pixis to stop Kitz Weilman from killing Eren Yeager.[5] After Pixis listens to Eren's words and gets him to help with plugging the Wall, Pixis calls for staff officers to formulate a plan, Anka being one of them.[6] While Pixis announces the details of the upcoming plan to other soldiers, Armin Arlert discusses the plan with Anka and Gustav. During the discussion, Anka states that Titans are not the only enemy, correctly deducing the current state of soldiers' mind.[7]

During the operation, Anka, along with the other soldiers, watches the progress from top of the Wall. With Rico Brzenska firing a red smoke signal after Eren loses control, Anka proposes to pull the elite team back, but Pixis refuses, trusting the elite team as they're the only chance for humanity.[8] Once Eren regains the control and successfully plugs the Wall, Anka sees the signal and announces it to the rest of the soldiers.[9]

Clash of the Titans arc

Anka wakes Pixis up

Anka wakes Pixis up

Anka is seen on top of the Wall in Trost District during the supposed breach of Wall Rose. She wakes Pixis up, scolding him for sleeping there and drinking alcohol, given his advanced age. She states that she does not want to be stuck taking care of him, much to the amusement of Pixis, who says he would want nothing more than such a beauty doing so. Anka then reports to him that new Titans stopped appearing at the first and second lines of defense, but the search party only found a few as well. This makes them wonder about the situation, given the fact that if there was a breach, the amount of Titans appearing would be much higher. Anka then watches as Erwin arrives to talk to Pixis. Later, Anka is also by Pixis' side when the Vanguard reports back that there is no breach as well as about the situation that occurred with Reiner and Bertolt.[4]

Two weeks later, she accompanies her commander when he visits a bed-ridden Erwin to update him on current events. The serious nature of humanity's situation is discussed, as the refugees from Wall Rose very nearly rebelled due to lack of resources. The disaster was successfully averted, but both commanders remain grim about the future. Erwin mentions going to hell for all those that have died under his command, prompting Pixis to ask that he be allowed to accompany him. In response, Levi remarks about his drinking problem and Pixis laments that a certain someone has taken away his bottle. However, he jokes, she refuses to change his diapers for him. Erwin praises Anka as an excellent aide, while she waits stoically in the corner with her commander's jacket.[10]

Hange Zoë interrupts their conversation, revealing to all present the results of her investigation of Ragako. Like the others present, Anka reacts with shock and horror at the thought that they have been fighting transformed humans this entire time. The decision is made to keep this—and the whereabouts of Eren and Historia Reiss—a secret, making her one of the handful within the military privy to this information.[11]

The Uprising arc

Anka reports the breach in Wall Rose

Anka falsely reports that Wall Rose has been breached and refugees are flooding towards Wall Sheena

Anka briefly appears in the King's throne room to report the false news of the breach at Wall Rose by the Colossus Titan and the Armored Titan. While Pixis immediately orders all Garrison members to move to the breach a high ranking government official overrules him, ordering all Wall Sheena gates to be sealed. He concludes that a civil war might break out if the refugees are allowed in, which causes Military Police Commander Nile Dok to question whether they are really going to abandon half of humanity. The four government officials all agree on the plan while noting that in a few days 'those guys' will attain the power. Presumably, they are referring to Rod Reiss and his plan to utilize Eren's coordinate power. Nile disagrees with their decision and announces he is betraying the King in order to protect the citizens of Wall Rose. After the government official abandoned half of humanity Anka left the room running in order to tell Darius Zackly, who promptly appears with a large number of soldiers. He announces that the breach in the Wall is a fabrication. As the government wonders what is going on, Pixis reveals that he developed this plan in order to test the monarchy's suitability to rule. If they had of stood with Wall Rose he would have confessed this treasonous plot and devoted himself to the monarchy. Anka reveals that the Military Police First Interior Squad has been subdued. The official who ordered the closing of Wall Sheena shouts that even if they take control of the capital, the people and nobility are still loyal to the King. Zackly calmly says that it is no longer up to them and hands Erwin a report from the Berg Newspapers that is circulating throughout the Walls. It announces that the First Interior Squad are the ones who really killed Dimo Reeves, that the government has been forcing the press to print propaganda, and that King Fritz is a puppet for a secluded noble family. As the government is being placed under arrest, Erwin notes that humanity must travel down a perilous road. Later, Hange confirms that Zackly is the one in control of the capital and it is administrative areas.[12]


Planning the operation

Anka as one of the strategists

While not directly seen in action, it is presumed that Anka possesses enough skill as a soldier to be the escort of Dot Pixis.[2] However, her main focus seems to be strategizing, with Anka's intelligence being high enough to formulate a battle plan while quickly evaluating the situation and predicting further circumstances. A sign of her abilities may be that the original duty of strategizing was entrusted to only her and Gustav implying Pixis trusts her enough to come up with a strategy that saves not only Trost, but humanity as well.[7]


  • Her first name refers to the name Anna, meaning 'Eagle', which among others is a symbolization of insight, intelligence and a sharp mind. It should also be noted that "Anna" is a name given to numerous Queens, being an interesting contrast to Gustav's name having a background of Kings.
  • The word "Anka", is the Swedish word for 'Duck'.



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