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The anti-Titan artillery (対巨人砲 Tai Kyojin-hō?) is a heavy weapon designed by the Mid-East Allied Forces to combat the Titans and Titan shifters under Marley's command in the Marley Mid-East War.


Anti-Titan artillery was created for the sole purpose of destroying Titans of all varieties with great efficiency. The artillery uses 100mm armor-piercing shells, enough firepower to kill even Titan shifters, such as the Armored Titan or Beast Titan, with a single shot.[1]

During the battle of Fort Slava, four anti-Titan artillery guns are mounted on an armored train surrounding the fortress, allowing for great mobility on the battlefield.[2]


Anti-Titan artillery makes its debut in the Marley Mid-East War during the battle of Fort Slava, where it is mounted on an armored train traveling along rails surrounding the perimeter of the fortress. The presence of the weapon prevents the use of the power of the Titans possessed by Marley, drastically reducing Marley's ground-based power. However, the armored train and the anti-Titan artillery are both rendered unusable when warrior cadet Gabi destroys the front of the train with a bundle of grenades, allowing for Galliard to make use of his Titan power and directly attack the Mid-East Allied Forces' defenses.[3]



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