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Armin Arlelt (アルミン・アルレルト Arumin Arureruto?) is a 1st year Titan Junior High School student and childhood friend of Eren Jaeger.


Armin has big blue eyes and medium length blond hair with bangs cut straight across. He usually wears the typical school uniform excluding the black jacket, although he does wear it sometimes. Armin usually wraps himself in his favorite futon, Bigbee, wherever he goes. The futon is lined with furry white and its main design consists of a pink with yellow polka dot kitten heads. On some days, Armin will only wear the futon wrapped around the top of his head instead of his entire body.


After letting down his team in a dodge ball tournament, Armin remained home for a long time. He had spent this time studying RPG games, and learning about worlds of fantasy. Armin progressively enjoys spending his time outside after being bribed by Eren and Mikasa. He displays shy behavior from time to time, but has a very mature point of view.


Recovered futon

Armin relieved with his futon returned

Armin finds his friends Eren and Mikasa looking for him. Armin is reluctant to leave the safety of his room, until Mikasa mentions that they have brought food. Armin welcomes his friends to his home with open arms and sits in his overheated room. Eren notices a tear in Armin's futon, but Armin insists on keeping it untouched. Suddenly, Armin's balcony doors swing open and Levi emerges, snatching Armin's ripped futon away from him. Armin follows Eren and Mikasa out the house, the two trying to find where Levi went. Armin runs after them to school and they find the Attack Junior High Scout Regiment, the apparent club in which Levi is in. Levi eventually arrives and finishes stitching up Armin's futon, then returns it. Armin appreciates the kind gesture and takes part in the Attack Junior High Scout Regiment club from then on.[1]

Armin uses his uniform as head cover

Armin uses his uniform as head cover

Armin participates in the game of dodgeball with Jean and the team. Having noticed that Eren is nowhere to be found, Armin reasons that Eren overslept again. Hearing about Eren's absence, Keith Sadies threatens the group in making them as Titan food if he founds anyone slacking off. Later in the game, he notices Sasha slurping ramen in the middle of the game. Armin and the others manages to win the first match but upon realizing Mikasa's depressing state he comes up with an idea. In order to cover up Eren's absence, he puts a wig on Jean's head for him to pretend as Eren. Armin comments out the similarities between the two and declares that in this way it can be a possibility to cheer up Mikasa again. With Mikasa's denial, Eren bursts out into scene as everyone proceeds onto the last match of the game.

The next day, Armin goes to lunch with Eren and Mikasa. As Annie joins in the trio and causes a spark of rivalry between Mikasa, Armin assures that the three may end up in a love triangle.[2]

Futon a la Mesh

Armin's new futon design

Along with the rest of the group, Armin heads to the Wall Cleanup Club because of the unauthorization of the Scout Regiment. On their way to the club, Eren notices his weird head accessory, asking if the heat does not even bother him. Armin reveals his new futon design which is actually a mesh structure that holds up water in order to keep him cool. Later that day, Armin ends up cleaning the windows with the gang under Rico's orders. Acknowledging the Wall Cleanup Club's secret weapon, Armin proceeds to get the job done and later is introduced to omni-directional mobility gear. Witnessing Eren's continuous failure, Armin points out a possible cause with the gear's broken mechanics. Afterwards, Hannes falls, so Rico declares the broken gear and everyone is dismissed.

After Eren's success and definitive happiness on using the gear, Armin and the rest witness a horrible scene of the Titans vandalizing the Walls.[3]

The day of the test results, Armin surprises his classmates by scoring 100. After class, Sasha seeks his help for remedial class. Armin accepts and proposes to Conny to join them.[4]


  • Eren Jaeger - Armin and Eren were friends since childhood. Eren is caring, brother-like, and supportive towards Armin and his decisions.
  • Levi - Armin was initially unsure of Levi's forceful personality, but later realizes that he does things out of kindness. This is shown when Levi takes Armin's futon away from him, but returns it back after fixing a tear in it.
  • Sasha Braus - The two are classmates and get along well. Armin is very kind and helpful towards Sasha, shown when he gladly accepted to help her studying for her makeup test.[4] However, Armin can be critical towards her, being disappointed that she preferred to eat ramen than playing seriously during the dodgeball match.[2]