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This article contains heavy SPOILERS. Continue at your own risk, or use the links below to switch to another version of the page without spoilers

The Asian clan (東洋の一族 Tōyō no ichizoku?) is a bloodline within the Walls originating from a land called Asia.[3]


When the First King erased humanity's memories shortly after the creation of the Walls, the Asian bloodline was one of the minority groups unaffected by the mindwipe due to not sharing the bloodline of the majority race of the Walls. After turning against the Royal Government alongside the Ackerman family and rejecting the First King's offer of nobility, the Asian bloodline was exiled from society and hunted down.[4] By the year 844, it was said that the Asian bloodline had been hunted down to near extinction within the Walls.[5]


Battle of Trost District arc

During the Battle of Trost District, Mikasa Ackerman recalls the time from her childhood when her mother and father were killed by human traffickers who were hoping to sell her and her mother to potential buyers in Mitras. She is rescued by Eren Yeager, killing two of the traffickers before Mikasa kills the third with her awakened Ackerman abilities. After the death of her mother, Mikasa Ackerman becomes the last surviving member of the Asian bloodline known to exist within the Walls.[6][7]

The Uprising arc

In a conversation with Levi Ackerman before their confrontation with Kenny Ackerman and his subordinates, Mikasa mentions how her mother's family lost their home, possibly due to their Asian heritage.[8]



Mikasa in the manga
Mikasa Ackerman


Mrs. Ackerman headshot
Mrs. Ackerman 


  • In the manga, the Asian family possesses a special tattoo-like brand passed down from generation to generation, which Mikasa receives from her mother shortly before her parents are murdered. In the anime and the visual novel, this brand is replaced with a unique stitching method.[9][10]
  • Due to the etymology of Mikasa's name, it is likely that the Asian bloodline is based more specifically on the people of the Japanese islands, though Hajime Isayama has stated that the "East Sea" of the Attack on Titan world is different than the East Sea of the real world.[2] This is confirmed in Chapter 86, where it is revealed that the geography of Marley and Paradis, the prominent landmasses in the Attack on Titan world, are vastly different than the geography of our world besides a resemblance in shape to a flipped and mirrored Southern Africa and Madagascar.[11]
  • The Asian clan has been credited with immunity to memory manipulation.[12]


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