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Attack on Playtime is the seventh short story of the Attack on Titan Anthology. It is written by Sam Humphries, illustrated by Damion Scott, colored by Sigmund Torre, and lettered by Steve Wands.


In classic literature class, Hodge creates a feast list for her Titan friend, Petunia. Hodge introduces Petunia for show and tell and Petunia eats the teacher. Later in the day, Petunia eats Hodge's gym teacher and the principal. The students and Petunia play outside during recess.


While teaching his class about classical literature, Pikeoil yells at one of his students for not paying attention and warns her that if she gets another demerit she will be banned from recess forever. Pikeoil asks her if she is prepared for show and tell and Hodge calls for Petunia. Petunia breaks through the wall of the class and reveals herself to be an Abnormal Titan. As Pikeoil scolds Hodge, giving her a demerit, Petunia grabs him with her tongue and eats him. The students start cheering in celebration. Hodge crosses out Pikeoil's name on a feast list for Petunia.

Petunia carries Hodge on her shoulder and goes to the gym where she lifts off the roof. As Ms. Locksnipe, the gym teacher yells at Hodge, Petunia picks her up and bites her in half. Hodge starts to mock Ms. Locksnipe by imitating her. The school bell rings signaling lunchtime.

As lunchtime finishes, Principal Razorbait enters the room wielding a sword and berates Hodge for bringing a hideous Titan into his school. Hodge, angered by his comment jumps off of Petunia's shoulder and kicks Razorbait in the face. Petunia devours Razorbait as he begs for her to spare him. The students cheer in celebration as Petunia opens her mouth to show the principal's remains. Hodge crosses out the last name on the feast list and the bell rings signaling recess.

Outside, the students play with Petunia. Two students comment that they are glad that they were able to find a uniform for Petunia to wear.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Hodge
  2. Pikeoil (killed)
  3. Petunia
  4. Locksnipe (flashback, killed in the present)
  5. Razorbait (flashback, killed in the present)