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Attack on Titan Choose Your Path Adventure: Year 850: Last Stand at Wall Rose (進撃の巨人ゲームブック ウォール・ローゼ死守命令850 Shingeki no Kyojin Gēmubukku Wōru Rōze Shisu Meirei 850?, lit. Attack on Titan Gamebook: Last Stand at Wall Rose 850) is an interactive novel written in the style of a "Choose Your Own Adventure" story, with branching storylines, puzzles, and other material.[3]



You are a member of the 104th Training Corps. Fighters like you, equipped with vertical maneuvering gear, are humanity's first, last, and only hope against the Titans. But when the Colossus Titan appears and smashes the gates of Wall Rose, all of your training will be useless if it doesn't keep you alive. In this interactive, branching-path novel, your choices will determine everything - what are you willing to do to defeat the monsters that threaten your civilization with extinction? Join Eren, Mikasa, Armin, and Levi in their fight against the Titans![4]


The reader assumes the role of a member of the 104th Training Corps during the Battle of Trost District, with the name and gender being left up to the reader. Due to the nature of the reader's participation, some events may change from the original manga. Characters may survive who originally died and characters may die who otherwise would not. Most of the plot covers the first four volumes of the manga, though one of the endings fast-forwards as far as the coup d'état, going well past the anime at the time of publication.

The battle for Trost follows the same general framework as in the manga, with the reader's location changing based on decisions. The narrative usually assumes that if the reader is not there, the events occur the same as they did in the manga. (For example: Thomas Wagner will always die unless the reader is part of Eren's squad and does something about it.)

As the reader goes through the adventure, they can take a variety of actions until the story bottlenecks at three mandatory plot points; when the Colossus Titan first appears, when headquarters gets surrounded by Titans, and when Dot Pixis decides to have Eren Yeager seal the hole in Trost's gate. After each bottleneck the reader has flexibility on how to approach the next segment of the battle. Options are usually based on the roles the different members of the 104th take in the manga, though notably the reader can join the initial vanguard, at the start of the battle, which none of the 104th participate in.

The reader is frequently asked to take notes, usually regarding whether someone dies or because the reader has gained Affinity with a member of the 104th Training Corps. Occasionally knowledge gained or actions taken can carry forward from previous sections of the story that will allow the reader to reach otherwise inaccessible plot events.

Assuming the reader survives the battle, most endings are determined by the reader's Affinity (or lack thereof) with other members of the 104th. Six members of the 104th have character specific endings, with Jean Kirstein having two. It is also possible to obtain an ending with Levi, where the reader is recruited into his squad, but it is more difficult to earn since it requires the reader to solve a puzzle without being prompted that it exists.

Possible Reader Impact

Some of the more influential things the reader can do are:


In the first English edition of the book, there are a few pages where the reader is told to turn to sections 233 or 234, however 233 does not exist and 234 skips ahead in the story. This was an editorial mistake and Kodansha Comics has a PDF that can be downloaded that corrects sections 233 and 234.[5]