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We are a community dedicated to the manga Attack on Titan (進撃の巨人 Shingeki no Kyojin?) created by Hajime Isayama; as well as its anime adaptation and all other derivative works. This encyclopedia is written by fans for fans, and everyone is welcome to participate. Edit the articles, upload your photos and videos of the series, comment on our forum or write a blog post. Today Friday, December 9, 2016, we are editing over 935 articles and 3,063 images and videos.

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Please be aware, before progressing any further, that this site contains heavy spoilers.


"That day, the human race remembered the terror of being dominated by them, and the shame of being held captive in a birdcage..." — Over 100 years ago, a natural predator of humanity appeared: the Titans, giant humanoid but mindless monsters whose sole purpose of existence seemed to be to devour humans. There was an insurmountable gap in power between them and mankind, and as a result, humanity was rapidly exterminated to the brink of extinction. The survivors responded by constructing three concentric walls: Wall Maria, Wall Rose and Wall Sheena, which graced them with a century of peace. However, one day a Colossus Titan far larger than any other seen before breached the outer wall, allowing the smaller Titans to invade the human territory and forcing the survivors to retreat to the inner walls. Eren Yeager, a boy whose mother was eaten during the invasion, vowed to wipe every last Titan off the face of the Earth, and joined the military decided to exact his revenge.

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Kitts Woerman character image

Kitz Weilman (キッツ・ヴェールマン Kittsu Vēruman?, also spelled as Kitz Woerman in the FUNimation sub of the anime) is a captain of the Garrison and commander of the 1st Division Elite Force.

Some time after Eren Yeager emerges from his Titan form; Weilman has him, Mikasa Ackerman, and Armin Arlert surrounded by troops and demands that Eren explain the nature of his transformation or all three of them will be executed on the spot. He is incredibly concerned and makes it known that since Titans are the main enemy of humanity, Eren is no different. While Rico Brzenska agrees that Eren is a threat, Ian Dietrich cautions that losing Mikasa would be a serious blow to humanity's strength. When Eren's answer fails to satisfy him, Weilman orders a cannon fired at them, forcing Eren to transform once again in order to protect his friends.

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Eren Kruger

Eren Kruger (エレン・クルーガー Eren Kurūgā?) was an Eldian spy posing as a Marleyan soldier. To his comrades in the Eldia Restorationists, he was known as the Owl (フクロウ Fukurō?) and he was secretly an inheritor of one of the nine Titans.

Kruger was born to an Eldian family living in Marley. His father had joined an Eldian revolutionary army led by the remnants of the royal Fritz family who remained on the mainland. Unfortunately, the army was very ineffective, and its members, including Kruger's father, were captured and burned alive by the Public Security Authorities as he hid within a closet. Some time later, Kruger was able to join the Public Security Authorities as a spy thanks to an Eldian doctor who was able to fake his blood tests as he had done for himself some time earlier. As a spy in the military, Kruger would refer to himself in correspondence with the Eldians as "the Owl", all while spending his military career turning thousands of Eldians into Titans over the years in order to hide his identity.

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Latest Re-Aired Episode
Eren protects Armin and Mikasa

Whereabouts of His Left Arm: The Struggle for Trost, Part 5 (左腕の行方 ―トロスト区攻防戦⑤― Hidariude no Yukue -Torosuto-ku Kōbōsen (5)-?) is the 9th episode of the Attack on Titan anime, produced by Wit Studio and Production I.G.

Damage from the Trost District attack is massive due to the Scout Regiment being outside the walls on an expedition at the time. On that trip, Captain Levi and some members of his squad engage in combat with the Titans, killing them with little effort. Levi saves one of his comrades from being devoured, but his injuries cause him to die shortly after. Then, the scouts are ordered to go back to town by Commander Erwin Smith as he fears an incident similar to the breaching of Shiganshina District may have occurred.

After Eren was eaten alive, he had traumatic experiences inside the Titan's stomach, seeing both corpses and dying people around him. This made Eren reaffirm his promise to kill all the Titans. This surge of motivation triggers his first transformation into a Titan.

In the present, Eren awakens as Mikasa and Armin are being threatened by a Garrison captain, who thinks that Eren is a dangerous Titan. Meanwhile, the rest of the cadets are safe and are trying to make up their minds. Captain Hannes stands atop the wall with his comrades, worried about the battle.

On the ground below, the three friends try to calm the captain, but he does not listen to them and orders a cannon to shoot them. Eren, who remembers his father's words, triggers, willingly, his Titan transformation, which allows him so stop the cannonball.

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Latest Chapter
Chapter 88 Cover

The Attack Continues (進撃の巨人 Shingeki no Kyojin?) is the 88th chapter of the Attack on Titan manga, written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama.

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Eren swearing revenge on the Titans
Eren swearing revenge on the Titans
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Grisha holding his family photo while accepting Kruger's mission
Grisha holding his family photo while accepting Kruger's mission
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