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Several hundred years ago, humans were nearly exterminated by Titans. Titans are typically several stories tall, seem to have no intelligence, devour human beings and, worst of all, seem to do it for the pleasure rather than as a food source. A small percentage of humanity survived by walling themselves in a city protected by extremely high walls, even taller than the biggest Titans. Flash forward to the present and the city has not seen a Titan in over 100 years. Teenage boy Eren and his adopted sister Mikasa witness something horrific as the city walls are destroyed by a Colossus Titan that appears out of thin air. As the smaller Titans flood the city, the two kids watch in horror as their mother is murdered and eaten. Eren vows that he will exterminate every single Titan and take revenge for all of mankind. Nominated for the 4th Manga Taisho Awards (2011) and won the Kodansha Manga Award shōnen category (2011). In English, the series is roughly translated to 'Attack on Titan'.
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Chapter 81 Cover

Promise is the 81st chapter of the Attack on Titan manga, written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama.

Erwin is taken down by a rock flying through his side, but the recruits push on and are attacked by a second wave of rocks as Zeke expresses what a shame it is that they continue to die and make mistakes because of King Reiss wiping their memory. As the soldiers are killed, Zeke rejoices in victory before noticing all the Titans to his right had fallen. A hook is shot into his shoulder and Levi attacks him, ripping apart both his arms, feet, and eyes before cutting Zeke out of his Titan's nape. Levi interrogates Zeke and shove his blade into his mouth and out of his eye. Levi ponders if he can find one person alive so that they may take the Titan Serum and eat Zeke. However, he is interrupted when the quadrupedal Titan steals Zeke away in its mouth. Zeke orders his Titans to kill Levi and proclaims victory while Levi, determined to fulfill his promise to Erwin, begins attack the Titans and chase after Zeke. Far back, one solider is seen alive among the bodies and looks for survivors. On the other side of the wall, Armin realizes that they can kill Bertolt in a drawn out fight and order Jean and Mikasa to distract Reiner while Eren and himself attack Bertolt. Everyone scatters and Armin flies up to Eren and shoves his blade in his chest, waking him and telling him they're going to see the ocean together.

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Marlowe Sand (マルロ・サンド Maruro Sando?, alternatively named Marlo Freudenberg (マルロ・フロイデンベルク Maruro Furoidenberuku?) in the anime) was a member of the Survey Corps and previous member of the Military Police Brigade stationed in Stohess District. He was a graduate of the 104th Training Corps, though he was not from the same division as Eren Yeager.

Marlowe was a very righteous person. While most who join the Military Police Brigade do so because they want a safe position far from the danger of the Titans, Marlowe did so because he wanted "to uphold justice and do what's right". His goal was to rise to the top of the organization so he could stop the pilfering of taxes and misappropriation of land.

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  • May 8, 2016 - Chapter #81 "Promise" has been released! It can be read legally at Crunchyroll Manga website here, and you can discuss it here.
  • Apr 8, 2016 - Chapter #80 "The Unknown Soldiers" has been released! It can be read legally at Crunchyroll Manga website here, and you can discuss it here.
  • Mar 23, 2016 - Kodansha Comics licenses Attack on Titan: Lost Girls: click here

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Chapter 81 poll (May 12th, 2016)

How will Levi's battle with Zeke end?

The poll was created at 02:04 on May 13, 2016, and so far 249 people voted.

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Levi charges against the Beast Titan
Levi charges against the Beast Titan
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