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Chapter #103
(March 9th, 2018)
Pieck character image

Pieck (ピーク Pīku?) is an Eldian Warrior serving the Marley government and the current inheritor of the Cart Titan.Pieck is shown to be somewhat sweet and kind, consistently shown to care about her fellow Warriors and the Warrior cadets. She is very intelligent, able to quickly deduce a situation. When the Warriors were discussing the prospect of using the Tybur family to assist in their operations, Pieck was able to quickly figure things out, and Zeke Yeager implies this happens quite often. However, Pieck is usually shown to be quite eccentric and easy going. During the train ride to Liberio, Pieck gladly gave Colt Grice a drink when he asked for one, which led to him getting drunk and leading the other Eldian soldiers in a chant in favor of Gabi Braun. As a result of constantly being in her Titan form, Pieck has shown the habit of walking on all fours when few people are around, stating that it feels more natural; she is still capable of walking upright, although she occasionally requires a crutch to do so.