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Chapter #107
(July 9th, 2018)
Kiyomi Azumabito character image

Kiyomi Azumabito (キヨミ・アズマビト Kiyomi Azumabito?) is Hizuru's ambassador to Marley when Willy Tybur holds the festival in Liberio, following the end of the Marley Mid-East War.Kiyomi is sympathetic to Eldians, as shown when she chose to cover up Udo's mistake of spilling win on her kimono, saving him from the other ambassadors. She is also a calm and secretive individual, playing along with Willy Tybur's festival and even congratulating him despite knowing what is to come.
Like many from the Azumabito family, she is sensitive to money. She is easily bought to ally herself with Paradis Island after hearing about its iceburst stone reserves from Zeke Yeager. The mere thought of wealth causes her to salivate.