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Lost Girls OVA Announcement
(August 7th, 2017)
Lost girls

Attack on Titan: Lost Girls (進撃の巨人 LOST GIRLS Shingeki no Kyojin: Lost Girls?) is a novel and compilation of three stories written by Hiroshi Seko, a scriptwriter for the Attack on Titan anime. The first two stories, "Lost in the Cruel World" and "Wall Sina, Goodbye" are based on the visual novels of the same names, released on the Blu-ray copies of the anime. A third story, "Lost Girls", was a new release.
LOST GIRLS tells of the times and spaces in between the plot points, through the eyes and ears of the saga's toughest - but more taciturn - heroines. What they thought, and felt, and did on and off stage come to the fore via a medium distinctly suited to conveying interiority: language.
The two novella-length offerings were originally included as bonus features in the initial Japanese Blu-ray released, while the introduction and the titular story are unique to the book. A manga rendering of this official spinoff is slated to appear stateside from Kodansha Comics.


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