This is the list of tasks to do on the Attack on Titan Wiki. Post below whatever task you think is needed.


  • Add your suggestions at the end of the corresponding list. An Administrator will decide if the task should be given more priority.
  • Tasks should be added using the {{Task}} template.

Regular tasks

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Specific tasks

Wanted articles

  • Media:
  • Individual articles for each one of the Chibi Theater: Fly, Cadets, Fly! episodes. That page needs a lot of development too.
    • This is the template used in that page. It's not locked, so anyone can add the links to the pages once they're made.
    • I've only seen 5 of the episodes uploaded online, the 3rd one had an error so I couldn't watch it. So unless someone buys the dvds they come in, hopefully I can but not anytime soon, it'll be a while before we add them all.

Wanted infoboxes