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The Battle of Shiganshina District was a conflict between the Survey Corps and the warriors of Marley within the ruins of Shiganshina District, in which Wall Maria was reclaimed five years after its fall and the truth of the outside world was discovered in the basement of Grisha Yeager's home.


The Survey Corps marched during the night so that they reached Shiganshina with the reduced likelihood of encountering titans whilst on their way to said district.

The Battle

Early conflict & The Armored Titan

The Survey Corps arrived at Shiganshina, and quickly secured the area while cloaked to prevent the Warriors from discovering Eren. Armin found that the Warriors has just left the camp on the wall in a very short time. As per Armin's instruction, they managed to force Reiner Braun, who is hiding in the wall to appear and Levi Ackerman forced him into the Armored Titan in the last second. It is revealed that the gate is destroyed and the horses are trapped outside: The Warriors' plan is to stall for time. Erwin then ordered Levi, Hange an their squad to deal with the Armored Titan . But hold Armin Artlet and Levi for further orders. Erwin ordered Levi to protect the horses and, if possible, take the Beast Titan down. He then grants the authorities over the Squad Levi to Armin. Meanwhile, the Armored Titan managed to climb back up to the top and overlooks the battlefield for the horses so that he can kill them and prevent the Survey Corps from retreating.

After the Armored Titan managed to reach up to the Wall, Eren transformed into a Titan. This put a quick change in Reiner's tought as he quickly knows that if they cannot capture Eren, everything fails even if they managed to destroy the Surver Corps. But then realized that his transformation is a bait to lure him away from the horses. This is confirmed by Erwin's strategy that if Reiner still targets the horse, Eren will flank the Beast Titan and Levi will double-team it. And Eren confirms that Reiner will do as he is a rather smart guy.

Reiner then move his Titan to combat Eren and the Squad Levi, in which they managed to take him down with the item "Specially designed for Armored Titan in a capable area" named The Thunder Spear. In which Reiner and the Armored Titan Roared again

After all the chaos plunged in the ruin of Shiganshina, However, Bertolt Hoover the Colossus Titan is nowhere to be found.

The Colossus Titan

It is revealed that Bertolt Hoover is stationed in a Rum bucket, and is thrown by the Beast Titan to Squash up the city below it upon Reiner's roar. But Bertolt, seeing his friend in adversity, instead of doing by the plan, he detaches out and rushed to his friends, so that he faces his old friends in human form. Armin then uses the same mind game of Annie's tormenting to affect Bertolt, only for it to not work for the second time as it is revealed that Armin is stalling and Mikasa is ambushing Bertolt, only for him to quickly parry. Bertolt then quickly leaves and leaps into the air, determined as he unleashes the Colossus Titan.

After The Colossus Titan appears, he immediately set Shiganshina on fire as Armin decided to stall, but it is proved to be a backfire, and if the Colossus Titan reached the wall, Erwin and the Survey Corps will be surrounded with 2 extremely dangerous Titans. As Armin was given the authority at the time, he decided to pass it on to Jean as Jean ordered everyone to the river. Eren then tries to draw Bertolt's attention onto him, only for Bertolt to ignore him and Eren must charge for himself as Mikasa takes Thunder Spear from Connie.

Trying to stop the Colossus Titan, Eren's Titan hold its right leg, only for it to kick Eren onto the wall. Jean then ordered everyone tho attack the Colossus Titan like so with Mikasa taking its back and the rest as a bait, knowing that Bertolt knows the plan. Bertolt unleashed his steam and cause the Thunder Spear to explode before it even reached him. As they regrouped at the ground, they see the Armored Titan back again. Armin told everyone that himself and Eren will take care of the Colussus Titan while the rest take care of The Armored Titan.

Armin, after he reached the wall, goes for a little discussion as he initiates the plan by having Eren sliding down the wall and Armin standing there for Eren to attack the Colossus Titan's leg. But Eren, instead of standing up, lied there as if he was lifeless as Armin braved himself against Bertolt. Armin hooked himself against The Colossus Titan's teeth for a duration, becoming unwilling to let go amidst the hot steam that the Titan was generating. Nonetheless, the Colossus Titan was able to make Armin let go, at the expense of him being burned to near-death.

However, with Armin being able to stay hooked on the Titan's teeth, Eren was able to slice the nape of the Colossus Titan, grabbing Bertolt's body, which had his limbs severed due to the slicing of Eren at the nape.

The Armored Titan, Again

As per Armin's instructions, Squad Levi tried to lure Reiner away, only for them to be ignored again. Mikasa, fed up at this, instantly destroys Reiner's leg as they are informed they only have 3 Thunder Spears left. Reiner, on the other side, fully recovered, but is shown to lose his track after Bertolt told him that if he falls, make sure he falls with his face facing the sky for Bertolt can safely nuke the district up. Continuing the plan to kill Reiner, The unarmed Connie used himself as bait, Sasha and Jean tried to blast The Armored Titan's jaw, in which they managed to blast only the left jaw as Sasha missed. Mikasa, trying to blast Reiner from the mouth just like that, is interrupted by Hange, who should have died, by Hange blasting the right jaw and Mikasa finally gets Reiner out of his Titan body.

The Beast Titan

On the other side, Levi is standing by as a rain of rocks is fired by the Beast Titan, hitting everything, so Levi ordered everyone back to the wall as they are under cover.

As a final push, Erwin Smith ordered everyone to a suicidal charge to open a gap for Levi to secretly take care of the Titan surrounding. The Beast Titan, at first, does not realize until he destroyed the suicidal charge as he looked around and see his Titan dead. He then instantly realizes that Reiner has told him about Levi as an imminent threat to them, only for Levi to reach him and the Beast Titan getting cut in pieces. Just as Levi is about to kill Zeke who's healing, the Cartman Titan takes Zeke away.


The Survey Corps Member, fighting the Beast Titan became annihilated. Erwin Smith is heavily injured, and is dead after he decided to give the serum meant for him to Armin. Reiner Braun escaped along with Zeke. Bertolt Hoover, however, lost his Titan Power and life to Armin Arlert, who became the new Colossus Titan.





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