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The "Bearded Titan" was a former Eldia Restorationist who was captured by the Marleyan Public Security Authorities and turned into a Titan for the crime of treason.[1]


Human Form

His human form possessed a facial appearance very similar to his later Titan form.

Titan Form

The Bearded Titan had a bald head and a long, gray beard stained with blood. It was shown to be a heavyset type with a large stomach.


Long before his existence as a Titan, the Bearded Titan was an Eldian man living in the nation of Marley. As a part of the Eldia Restorationists, this man witnessed Grisha Yeager's acceptance into their group.[2] This man was also present when news from the Owl arrived that Marley was planning to invade the island of Paradis to wipe out the Eldians living within the Walls, and was very distressed at the news. When Zeke Yeager, Grisha's son, exposed the plans of the Restorationists to the Marleyan authorities, he was captured and sent to Paradis.[3] On the island, this man was injected with a Titan serum and was transformed into a mindless Titan.[4]


Battle of Trost District arc

Eren bursts out of the Bearded Titan's body

Eren bursts out of the Bearded Titan's body

After Eren's squad is deployed, an abnormal Titan appeared and eats Thomas Wagner. Enraged, Eren pursues the Titan only to have his leg bitten off by another Titan. As his teammates are being eaten, Armin could only stand there and watch, paralyzed with fear. The Bearded Titan soon finds Armin, and attempts to eat him. Eren hears Armin's screams, and goes into the Titan's mouth and grabs Armin before he can descend into the Titan's stomach. He tosses Armin to safety, and with what little strength he has left, manages to keep the Titan's mouth open. Unfortunately, before Armin can save Eren, the Titan overpowers him and closes his mouth, severing one of Eren's arms in the process. Armin watches in horror as the Titan swallows his friend.[5]

While in the Titan's stomach, Eren finds himself surrounded by the remains of several of his comrades, among them one young female soldier who is still dying in the Titan's boiling hot stomach contents. It is during his building horror and desperation at the scene around him that Eren's power to transform into a Titan begins to manifest, and his arm shoots out of the Bearded Titan's mouth. The Titan lumbers for a bit before falling down. Eren's Titan tears its way out of the Bearded Titan's back, and crushes its nape as it walks off, seeking to kill other Titans.[6]

People Killed

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