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This article is about the motion comic. For the town of the same name, see Bergheim.

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Bergheim (Motion Comic) is a two-part motion book in the Attack on Titan Manga App, written by Kate Leth and Jeremy Lambert and illustrated by Afua Richardson. The first part of the story is included at the end of the Attack on Titan Anthology.


Beyond the remnants of Wall Maria, Survey Corps soldiers Sylvia Krieger and her ally Bonnie search for officer Lucas Krieger on an illegal journey beyond the Walls with the Survey Corps following a great distance behind. After an encounter with a Titan, they rest for the night in the ruins of an old town. They investigate a house with a smoking chimney and find fresh food but choose not to eat it in case it is a trap. Not long afterwards, while Sylvia rests, Bonnie wakes her up after spotting a large Titan seemingly emitting a strange glow.


Far beyond the remnants of Wall Maria, Survey Corps soldiers Sylvia Krieger and Bonnie ride through the night in search of the last known location of officer Lucas Krieger, Sylvia's brother. A pursuing Titan catches up with them and attacks Bonnie, but Sylvia arrives and blinds the Titan. Before she can land a killing blow, the Titan seemingly flees, leaving her confused. The two discover that they have come to the ruins of some old town and feel uneasy. The two decide to investigate, spotting smoke coming up in the distance and suspecting Lucas may be nearby.

After venturing into the old town some distance, they see the building where the smoke is rising from the chimney. Prepared for a possible trap, the two investigate the house with Bonnie entering the front door and Sylvia approaching from the rooftop. Inside the house, Bonnie discovers that the fireplace is still burning brightly and the food within the house is fresh. Sylvia considers eating the meal, but Bonnie advises against it in case of poison. Sylvia jokes that they will not have to worry about court martial from the Survey Corps if they starve to death, and Bonnie heads out in search of other food.

Bonnie returns shortly afterward with edible berries, finding that Sylvia had fallen asleep in her absence. She wakes her up and the two head to the rooftop to keep watch. Bonnie eats her berries as Sylvia rests until she notices an eerie light approaching. Waking Sylvia up, she alerts her to the presence of an incoming Titan seemingly emitting the glow.

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