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Bertholdt Hoover (ベルトルト・フーバー Berutoruto Fūbā?) is a 1st year Titan Junior High School student.


Bertholdt has shaggy dark hair and dark brown eyes. He is the tallest in Eren's class and also wears the same uniform as every male student in their Junior High.


He always considers himself to be overshadowed by Reiner and in turn, he does not stand out because of his beliefs. His gaze is always directed towards Annie, and is sooner known to have feelings for her. He also has a great talent for arts.


Bertholdt arrives to school on his first day and introduces himself to the class. Later, he is called out to the entrance ceremony where their principal, the Colossal Titan "welcomes" them by kicking the Wall open.[1] Bertholdt finds his friends in the school courtyard. He follows his friends to locate the Attack Junior High Scout Regiment, where he meets odd upperclassmen who welcome him into the club, despite being in a different one already.[2]

Bertholdt takes part in the dodgeball tournament in Annie's team. Although his team is on a winning streak, Bertholdt ultimately goes down by blocking the ball before it hits Annie, sacrificing himself.[3]

Bertholdt blocks the ball with his face in the practise of the volleyball club.[4]

Hearing Sasha complaining about having fail to her exams, Bertholdt proposes to help her study but Sasha did not notice him and asked Armin instead, which makes Bertholdt leave, ashamed.[5]

Along with Reiner, Christa and Ymir, Bertholdt arrives late at the Scout Regiment club activities. It angers his upperclassmates and they force the first years group to clean the room. Later on, Levi challenges the group for the Sports Day event and Bertholdt participates with his class. The sight of Annie wearing a cheerleader costume makes his nose bleed. After the class' defeat, the first years group clean the court then are joined by Rico and the Scout Regiment second years. The first years apologize for their disrespectful manners.[6]

Following the Sports Day challenge, the first years group are invited by their Scout Regiment upperclassmates to do a test of courage at night. After Hange and Levi finish to explain the rules, Bertholdt leaves first with Reiner, Ymir, Christa and Sasha. Ymir, Christa, and Sasha go to the bathroom, leaving Bertholdt and Reiner to wait for them. Reiner sees something in the staircase, so he and Bertholdt begin to climb the stairs. Bertholdt continues to point out that the stairs seem to keep going, but Reiner says that it is Bertholdt's imagination. Later, when the rest of the first years are in the gym, Bertholdt and Reiner come crashing in followed by a canon.[7]


  • Reiner Braun - In a way, Bertholdt looks up to Reiner's confidence with everyone, as he strives to be someone who can stand out just like him. As such, he often goes to Reiner for helpful advice regarding his timidity.
  • Annie Leonhart - Bertholdt has unnoticed feelings for her that even some of his friends are aware of. He often dreamily stares at her or blushes when they share a conversation.
  • Ymir - Bertholdt is often given love advice by Ymir or pushed into situations by her, albeit awkward ones, with Annie.



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