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It is a fan-given name as substitute for lack thereof, and should not be considered as part of the Attack on Titan universe.

The "Bigmouth Titan" was a Titan that attacked Eren Jaeger's squad and bit off Eren's leg.


This Titan stood 7 meters tall, had a large head for its body size, a big mouth, and short brown hair. 


The Struggle for Trost arc

Mylius Caught by a Titan

Bigmouth Titan catches Milieus

When a jumping Titan eats Thomas Wagner, an enraged Eren Jaeger rushes forward with his omni-directional mobility gear in order to slay it, but is intercepted by this Titan, that bites off his leg, causing him to fall down. The Titan is then attacked by the remainder of the squad but captures Milieus Zeremski. The Titan then goes on to eat Milieus.[1]

Shortly after Eren's first transformation, the big-mouthed Titan is seen walking on all fours toward him. It then proceeds to jump onto Eren but is punched in the face and sent flying onto the ground where Eren kills it by stomping on its nape multiple times.[2]

People Killed

Failed attempts