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The "Bloated Titan is a Titan that tried to eat Armin and succeeded in eating Eren. When Eren saw his comrades' dead bodies, it awoke his Titan powers.


Like all Titans, it was of a massive size and conforms to having pale white skin and black hair; which was short. It was known for its massive belly, which flowed down it its knees. It apparently had stronger skin than most Titans, as Sannagi's ax could not cut through its heel and Jean's blades could not penetrate its nape.


This Titan first appears early in the morning. It grabs Hiana out of a building and eats her, swallowing her whole. Later, it tries to eat Armin.

When this Titan puts Armin in its mouth, Armin tries to climb out of its throat and is saved by Eren, who throws him out. The Titan then closes its mouth, with Eren still inside, cutting off his left hand and swallowing him. In its stomach, Eren is surrounded by the bodies of several recruits it had eaten - among them is Hiana. Enraged and desperate, Eren vows to kill the Titans, awakening his Titan power.

After running out of gas, Mikasa comes face-to-face with it. She waits to succumb to her fate, but to her surprise, the Titan starts to cough, until a hand emerges from its mouth. It turns out to be Eren, in Titan form. With this Titan's death, Eren, therefore avenges, Hiana.

People Killed

  • Hiana
  • Several other recruits

Failed Attempts


  • It was one of two new main Titans exclusive to the movie, the other being the Infant Titan.
  • It functioned as a replacement for the bearded Titan who nearly devoured Armin and succeeded in eating Eren in the manga, only to be killed by the latter as when he transformed into a Titan.[1][2] While the bearded Titan appeared in a brief cameo, it is unknown why this Titan took its place.