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  • That creepy dude in the office

    I would have thought Hange being female in the anime would have sealed it plus its said she had a crush on Keith (keep in mind this is before homosexuality was more widely accepted) so it would make sense for Hange to be female.

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  • Nuclearnyancat

    Eren is either dead or very near death. Let's do some math: At the time a person inherits titan shifting ability, they have only 13 years to live. It's been 4 years since they reached the Ocean, and he was around 16 then. So he is 20 now (in chapter 91 and 96). Based on analysis, we can say that Eren gained titan ability at the age of 7. So, at the time they reached the ocean, he had around 4 years to live... guess how many years it has been since then.


    Tell me what you guys think.

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  • KiruSama

    Now i see a lot of mixed feelings with the new opening for season 2 Shinzou Wo Sasageyo and which opening was the best one and i'd ike to know what you think of it and which of the three openings you like the most and why?

    The first opening, Guren no Yumiya is really good, but after time i think the song has gotten a little stale though the visuals still looks amazing.

    The second opening was amazing, i'd like to see some more titans and gore in the intro but it worked out. I also really enjoyed the song (Jiyuu no Tsubasa) 

    For me personally i didn't like the new intro at first but it quickly grew on me, emphasis on quickly. I always get the chills while watching it exactly at the 1 minute mark where the music gets super intense and all hell b…

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  • Eobard95

    Annie redemption theory

    March 31, 2017 by Eobard95

    It’s been forever since Annie sealed herself within the crystal cocoon after she battle with Eren and outside of a flashback to the Battle of Trost we’ve not seen her since. I think there is a reason for that and after reading the latest issue I think I’ve figured out why Isayama hasn’t brought her back into the story yet, and what I hope happens if/when Annie does come back.

    Annie, along with Reiner, Bertolt and Marcel (the one Ymir ate) were sent to the Walls in 845 and now it is 854 so if they received their abilities in 845 then Annie and Reiner will have 4 years left to live. However Marley’s plan to recruit Eldian warriors for their plans to destroy Paradis that we saw in Grisha’s story in 832 called for children between 5 and 7. Whi…

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  • Neetaku

    Greetings everyone! After the relative success of my last blog, and another relative dry spell in blog activity, I decided it's high time to write another top 5 list! Lucky you! I think in my last blog, I teased an entry revolving around AOT's villains, but considering I can't hope to ever remember an idea I had 6 months ago, (someone should really invent some kind of book where you can write down your ideas) I'm writing this instead! A blog listing the top 5 best characters to appear in the Attack on Titan series!

    Before you ask, the picks below are 100%, unequivocally, definitely, without a doubt, canonically established as the best characters in the series. Hajime Isayama told me himself. Through our psychic connection. It totally exists…

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  • GamerZero21

    Levi needed to talk to Eren about something . Eren accepted the talk and he and Levi went somewhere private to talk about it . Levi " Eren , Do you remember that time you drank the armor serum at the Reiss Family castle to try and and transform just to get  us out of there ? " . He nods his head saying that he remembers . Filling Levi with only a small fraction of satisfaction . keeping the same face on , Levi discards the conversation and says " Never mind "  . But obviously this left Eren wondering " What Is He Trying To Hide " . * 4 WEEKS LATER * Erwin : " Attention Soldiers ! ". Everybody salutes as the Commander as he says this "We have a new soldier here today . Jyn , Please speak up "

    Jyn takes the stand as he talks about where he co…

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  • WarriorNumber4

    There is nothing more painful to the fans of an anime than an unlikable main character. I'll admit that I'm one of that handfull of Bertholdt and Reiner fans, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't prefer to love the "heroes" of the story as much if not more than the "villains." While it's difficult not to dislike the Survey Corps characters that show no pity towards Bertholdt or Reiner (the victims of a government that took advantage of them as children to make them commit mass-genocide), most of them show praiseworthy character traits (examples: caring for comrades, desiring to do what's right as a person, desiring to be a good leader, etc.) that I can still get behind and admire them for.

    However, the one character I cannot stand (aside from Mika…

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  • Thereselovesyou

    Vote for your Shero

    November 28, 2016 by Thereselovesyou
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  • Nuclearnyancat

    P.S: This was just deleted by a admin and they told me to post it here so I will. If it gets deleted again I could see how someone would view it as spam, but I would like thim to tell me where I can post it. Anyway, lets get into:

    Attack on Titan

    Hi everyone, and today I will be talking about the entire attack on titan story. Before we begin I would like to grive credit to the attack on titan wiki and to the original writers of attack on titan. I did not create this story. Without further a do, let's get into it. To start, I will tell you about the Titans.The titans are a huge humanoid creature whose only purpose is to devour humans.They appeared in the year 743. No one knows how they were created or where they came from, but they drove hum…

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  • Shan48

    Hi everyone!

    I'm currently studying at university (Slovak language+literature & history) in order to become a teacher. So while facing a new imputs, I'm usually asking to myself - Could it be useful in the educational process? Could I use it also for my future students? Can this be useful for making the educational process more interesting (for both students & teachers alike)? It was only a question of time till I would start thinking about the incredible world of AoT the same way. And you know what? I seriously think that AoT and the manga as a whole should make its way into our classrooms. Here are some of my crucial arguments:   

    1. The attractivity of the topic. The sole reason why we are so focused on the current face of literature is its actu…

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  • KiruSama

    This will be devided in 2 pieces, first part is what the Attack on Titan story has done to me personally and probabely a lot of other people, the second part is the fandom and how most of it makes AoT look bad for outsiders (people who haven't seen or read any AoT)

    Honestly, the characters in AoT are awesome and relatable, their character development is on point and so on. Even characters like Erwin, Hanji, Jean and so on, whom doesn't have nearly as much screen time as other characters like Eren, Levi, Mikasa and Armin are being loved to death by fans. This causes some-to-much pain to the reader when their favorite character is brutally killed. If they kill Levi i bet a lot of the AoT community would go ape.

    When i play the new AoT game im …

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  • Heir of Revan

    Hello folks! I'm the Heir of Revan and today we will be talking about which is better: the Anime, the Manga, or the Movie version of Attack on Titan. It will be split into the following categories: Best Main Character, Best Supporting characters, Best Visual, Best Suspense and for the Grand Finale: Best Story. You heard me, a three way battle to see which is the best!

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  • Neetaku

    Top 5 Deaths in AOT

    September 28, 2016 by Neetaku

    Greetings fellow wikia people (wikians?)!

    Since there haven't been a lot of new blog posts on the wiki lately, I decided I'd try to get our blogosphere up and running again with a amazing blog that will bring AOT fans flocking from miles around!... Okay fine, LeviAckermanshipsereri already did that, but let's see if anything I write can produce the same results!

    Now, anyone who is familiar with the AOT franchise knows that at some point, some time, someone is going to bite the dust. Sometimes that Someone is important... And other times they are not. But, obvious plot armor aside, AOT has undeniably had some memorable deaths, and this blog will be dedicated to honoring those who gave up their lives so that Hajime Isayama would be able to draw…

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  • LeviTheBaka

    LeviTheBaka: Welcome

    September 12, 2016 by LeviTheBaka

    ​Oi. LeviTheBaka here. So well, idk what to do with this stuff... Im used to paperwork. Sincce the titans are of no trouble now, Im free to go on this "Internet" Device Hanji Zoe showed me. She was enthusiastic about it as well as Erwin, and of course since he's my supiror I must check this stuff out. I will "post" some things I suppose. So yea... Goodbye.

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  • Animetrash20

    I'm a very big fan of Erwin, and yes, Levi is one of my favorite characters (After Sasha, Mikasa, and Jean), but Erwin is my most. His character is complex, and even though he's quite ruthless, he has a human side. A very human one in fact. So I'd like to state why Erwin would've been a better choice in injecting the titan serum. 

    First off, I'm not going to say Armin is horrible, I really like Armin, but I have to say I'm heartbroken that Levi chose Armin over Erwin (Makes me like him less, I'm sorry). Sure, Eren said that Armin has done better than Erwin in the battle, sure, he suspected Annie, sure, he's highly intellegent. However, in terms of importance, Erwin is much more important than Armin. Don't get me wrong, Armin is very bright,…

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  • LeviAckermanshipsereri


    July 28, 2016 by LeviAckermanshipsereri

    I'm going to tell you why I believe that ereri could happen. First off, think about how many times Levi has save erens life: the trial, when his Titan form was merging with Annie, when a Titan almost ate him. I also want to include facts why eremika might not happen. He can be rude to Mikasa, she is his adoptive sister and I think sibling couples are common or even exist in the AOT realm. The only one problem I find with ereri is that if Levi saves Erwin instead of armin, he will begin to build a hate for Levi. my last few reasons are, isayama said Levi likes tall people and men are usually tall and woman are usually the same height or shorter than Levi. Levi calls Eren the best cleaner and his eyes lit up when Eren said he wants to join s…

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  • Dalmatia

    So, the two live action films were garbage, you'll have the time to make a baby before the season 2 comes out and people complain about its surexploitation (spin-off, light novel, publicity) I even heard people say Attack on titan was mainstream stuff like Fairy Tail! (no offence if you're a fan) And the other day I had a discussion with an acquaintance I know's a big fan saying she was fed up with it. 

    I guess it's no big deal, just some people who complain (which I can understand) but I have the feeling it's like a step by step general fed-up, if I can say. So, well, I wouldn't ask a community of fans if they're fed up with Attack on titan, but don't you fear it might be damaging for its future? 

    What do you think? 

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  • 8bitV

    oK. ok I know this might be a nonsense and you'll be asking :

    omg 8bitV, why in the world you rant and make a review of a chapter from AoT's manga for your first blog?!

    The answer is : I'M DESPERATE OKAY.

    okay, now let's head out to the topic and friendly reminder :


    So, we all knew that Armin and Erwin are injured- to me Armin's injury(I can't say this is an injury but meh) is more serious since just.. just take a look at him; he's burned and omg I don't know! Well, Erwin's injury would be serious too since it's his stomach/? that was injured by a big rock thrown by the ape; that filthy ape.

    And, the intensity. The intensity of the chapter killed me inside- 

    Second of all, …

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  • Sim0n2170

    It was announced at today's Shingeki Festival's Reading and Live event that Attack on Titan Season 2 will be premiering in the Spring of 2017.

    Isayama also wrote a letter acknowledging the long wait for the sequel but hopes the fans still look forward to it. A key visual of Eren, Mikasa, Armin, and the Armored and Colossal Titans was shown to the attendees.

    Also Masashi Koizuka will be the new Director as Tetsuro Araki is serving as the chief director

    An official website for the season has also been launched:

    Source: Fukushuu

    Confirmed for April 2017

    Source: YonkouProductions

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  • KLanders

    Hello, uh... Yeah, so this is my first blogpost and consider me, cause I don't usually do these kind of things. Alright here goes nothing...

    So it is as the title says, upon how long did it take you to finish the first season of Shingeki no Kyojin, minus the OVAs. Also plus what's your experience while watching it?

    Here's my struggle (really, I admit it):
    As an avid follower of the manga itself before (Yup, two years after the manga was originally release in 2010/ published in 2012 by KODANSHA Comics USA.), even though it's pretty hard to find an official licensed and translated versions, I managed to grasp some of the volumes through online sources (crunchyroll) and paperback purchases (this really cost me a lot!).

    Year 2015, while randomly s…

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  • Ethan Harmicar123

    We fans have been waiting years for Attack on Titan season 2 to be announced, we want it NOW, which is why I made this petition to have Wit Studios announce Attack on Titan season 2 ( We need all the sigs we can get to make this BIG

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  • KiruSama

    How fast IS Levi??

    July 2, 2016 by KiruSama

    Hey everyone, something that's had me thinking since the day i saw Levi in action was How fast is he?

    in volume 7 of the AoT manga Levi is fighting the Female titan, he uses the enormous trees in the area to sneak up behind the Female titan, however she notices this and unleashes a right cross as she turns around. Levi just barely evades it, and then goes on to roll up her arm, doing so, cutting her arm multiple times in the process.

    This is incredible, the way he reacts and takes action fitting for the situation in just seconds! maybe not even that.

    Levi is about 13-15 meters behind the female titan, and assuming Levi used his 3DMG to its fullest, Levi's body would've been moving at a speed of 150-165km/h (100miles pr hour) when he dodges the…

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  • BlouseGirl

    Haha it's my first blog post and usually I don't do this kind of thing, but I was just thinking about how AOT would end in 2018. But before we get into an ending that ties everything up together, I thought it would be good to keep track of the things that we do not yet know. I've set up my top three, ascending. 

    3. Why do the Ackermans possess the "awakened power"?
    This might be an interesting question to answer, since most in the bloodline did have this special ability. I wonder when, how, and why the Ackermans obtained this power.

    2. Who is Ymir?
    Come to think of it, there's so much we still don't know about her. We only know her name and a little bit of her history. However, there's still the question of who the "Subjects of Ymir" are and wh…

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  • Ethan Harmicar123

    I personally cannot stand Attack on Marvel, first off, it is WAY to short, It would've been a bit better if it was 45 pages long, second, WHY DID THE AVENGERS LOOSE??!! It makes zero since how spider-man can pierce the skin of a Titan or how Hulk, who is basically a 3 meter green Titan, can take out a titan at all... It makes ZERO since what-so-ever, then the Guardians of the Galaxy came, how do you expect a puny racoon to take out a 100+ Meter Titan? What my point is is that the Avengers should have gotten killed/eaten by the titans, even the smaller ones.

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  • Manuel de la Fuente

    Hajime Isayama, creator of Attack on Titan, was recently interviewed for the August 2016 issue of Japanese magazine Gong Kakutogi. Among the several topics he talked about, there is an interesting part where he addresses the ending of the series. As he revealed (and as many fans probably noticed due to the fast pace and intensity of the latest chapters), the climax of the story is approaching, and apparently, Volume 20 which will be released in August (and which will contain chapters 79-82) will include an epilogue important for the plot of the series. UPDATE: According to the translator Fuku-shuu, Isayama was talking about the epilogue of the entire manga, not of this particular volume (which can't be called an "epilogue" since the story is not…

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  • Manuel de la Fuente

    Unfortunately I have bad news for all Attack on Titan fans. The last month I informed you that the long awaited Season 2 of the Attack on Titan anime was expected to be released at some point of this Fall, according to the official announcement from 2014 and interviews earlier this year with the production of the anime. However, as reported by Spanish manga news website Mision Tokyo, Season 2 has been pushed back to 2017, with a new release date estimated around January.

    Contrary to similar rumors that have been circulating for some time without any reliable source to support them, this information is trustworthy, as Mision Tokyo was the first website to confirm the release of Season 1 back in 2012, and the recent information was given to them by …

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  • Manuel de la Fuente

    It's been 3 years since the first season of the Attack on Titan anime was released to tremendous success, and fans wait expectantly for the second season, confirmed since 2014. However, the wait is feeling unbearably long, and the impatience for news has led to the emergence of several rumors and lies that are being spread all over the Internet. As people frequently come to the wiki asking for the same information and spreading the same rumors again and again, I decided to write this post in the hopes to clarify once and for all the most common doubts about the upcoming season.

    1. When will Season 2 come out?

    UPDATE JULY 3, 2016: Wit Studio has confirmed that Season 2 will be premiering in Spring 2017.

    UPDATE MAY 8, 2016: A Spanish distributor h…

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  • KiruSama

    Vote poll

    March 17, 2016 by KiruSama

    This is just my opinion but the voting poll this month on of the things you could vote on was Eren will awaken the Coordinate and turn their own army against them seems kind of impossible?? I mean it would be cool and all but how? Aren't all the titans surrounding them intelligent? Seems like it to me as they know exactly what to do and when. like when they all appeared at the same time.

    Or have i missed something important like Eren's coordinate can turn shifters as well?

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  • KiruSama

    Soeh, to change the subject, last chapter was cool and all, if you haven't read it yet, go do so.

    Anyone getting the Attack on Titan Game for any of the PS systems? If you are, do you preorder the Japanese copy or wait til World release? 

    We all want the game to have Multiplayer or Co-op, kill titans with friends and just have a good time, so what are your thoughts on KT being so quiet about it? They havent said a word about multiplayer yet... Sadly. DLC maybe? Who knows. Still. was pretty damn awesome seeing Levi in full 3D and still maintain the anime/manga look (as i know it's hard) I am really exited about this game, think about it everyday.

    Click here for more information about the game, see some trailers and watch the artwork. ect...


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  • AphmauLOVEfan

    I recommend watching is Attack On Titan Junior High!

    Another one I am starting to watch is Attack on Titan Trainee Corps!

    Please tell me if you find more parodies! I love parodies! 

    I heard that there are going to be Attack on Titan S2 on February. But of course, there are rumors. I can be wrong! :( 


    I rate Attack on Titan ||||| out of |||||! This inspired me to learn Japanese! I would vote infinity!! 💖💖💖 Of course... THE BEST! :D 🔝🔟🌠 😄 

    I rate Attack on Titan Junior high... well... um..., 79% of 100. 😀 😁 😂 

    I rate Attack on Titan Trainee Corps... I'm still watching so... for now. 50~54% of 100. No blurs... [WARNING!: I'M SURE IF YOU WATCH ATTACK ON TITAN YOU DON'T REALLY CARE BUT FOR PEOPLE WHO STILL CARE THIS CONTAINS SWEAR WORD!] 😗 


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  • Tailsman67

    Nephilim and Titans

    January 19, 2016 by Tailsman67

    Anyone else see the resemblance in the Titans and the biblical, Nephilim? Human like beings Giants that ate humans, but not for food.

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  • HaloCnCGenerals

    Annie's Redemption

    January 12, 2016 by HaloCnCGenerals

    So, after seeing Chapter 77, I just can't help but feel that we'll see more of Annie, and she'll somehow end up redeeming herself. Example: The Corps gets backed into a corner, and are about to lose their position, ending the mission and ensuring humanity's destruction. Then they hear a familiar scream, from the 57th expedition. The titans turn around to go after the source(The Female Titan, obviously) which lets the Corps break out and win the battle. That theory has a big hole in it, though. How would Annie's ability stack up against Zeke's ability to control titans?

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  • GodKingReiss

    Unofficial Timeline

    January 3, 2016 by GodKingReiss

    I don't know if there are plans for a timeline article on this Wikia, but if the time comes, I'm already ahead of the game with the unofficial ongoing timeline I've been keeping on my Tumblr blog.

    However, my timeline includes spinoff content since outside of the Wikia I tend to hold a "canon until proven noncanon" mentality, so there would need to be some exclusions of events.

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  • Dank Cultist Jib

    Read it if you like to not be a nerd.

    Or don't.

    Make your own choices in life.

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  • ErenYeager100

    Chapter 73 false rumor

    December 26, 2015 by ErenYeager100

    Hi guys,im just angry that people all over the internet were talking about levi's death at chapter 73 (which is not true) they said that "Levi Ackerman will try to save the Shiganshina Trio (Eren,Mikasa,Armin)" which is not true.

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  • Matt Hadick

    Hey Attack on Titan fans! I thought you might be interested in knowing that FUNimation is currently giving away a FREE TRIP to the FUNimation headquarters, where winners will have a chance to partake in a voice recording session with a professional audio director. To enter, click on the image below! The last day to enter is December 13th -- so get moving if you want to win!

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  • Phil1403

    The chapter 76 is showing us how Eren with the help of the new weapon and his team is capable of winning over an armored titan. 

    This is an amazing feat.

    So how could the future look like ?

    Winning over the armored titan is a tremendous feature as such, especially after winning against the giant monster titan (the hidden king). If the survey Corp survive on this arc mission; which means 

    1 - come back alive; 2 - with Eren and his power; 3 - having been capable of evading or repelling a titan tribe leader.

    Then what next ? 

    Will they :

    Their next aim could be :

    1 - learn to control the mindless titans; 2 - use the titans control power to rebuild their defense and defend their land

    I mean, their ability to defend themselves will have grown tremendousl…

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  • KiruSama

    Colossal Titan?

    December 3, 2015 by KiruSama

    This is me speculating again, Bertholdt is still not found, as Armin stated in chapter 74 and 75, yet i believe he is still inside the walls as they yet havent searched inside (Duh, 15 meter Armored titan) so i believe he is still in the wall waiting for one of the other. Either he saves Reiner from Eren, squad Hange and Squad Levi *without Levi* or kills the horses if the smaller 3-7 meter classes fail the attack on the horses, possibly killed by the survey corps members thats keeping and eye out for the horses. 

    My second theory is that Bertholdt is inside the barrels the that the Quadrupedal Titan has on its back. The reason i think that is one of the barrels has holes that resembles the peek holes that Bertholdt was using. its also likel…

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  • KiruSama

    Levi and the Titan Serum

    November 19, 2015 by KiruSama

    This is just me thinking with my own logic, but...

    As i remember Levi was given the Titan Serum.

    in the battle against the Beast titan (not out by the time this is written) if he uses the titan serum it would turn him into a mindless titan until he eats someone with the same ability as Eren, but if he injects the titan serum on/in (idk) would that turn the Beast titan into a mindless titan, or have any effect at all? What are your thoughts?

    Personally id love to see another Levi godmode moment, but a Titan Levi would be a clear second pick. 

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  • Kanya888


    November 15, 2015 by Kanya888 random. I have no idea what it is or what it's for. I just saw a button and I pressed it and now it wants me to type, so I'm typing...

    Levi is ovverrated but I like him anyway.

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  • Neetaku

    In Chapter 72 of the SNK manga, three previously unseen Squad Leaders were introduced in a meeting with Erwin Smith, Hange Zoë, and Levi Ackerman. In the just-released Chapter 75, Erwin mentions three of the Squad Leaders' names: Dirk, Marlene, and Klaus. I've reviewed both chapters extensively, and have been able to somewhat determine which of the Squad Leaders.

    The blond woman on the couch is most likely Marlene, the leader of Squad Marlene, as she is the only female in the room besides Hange (unless you consider Hange to be male in the manga, in which case she is the only female). The blond man sitting next to her can be seen giving orders to the squad protecting the horses, meaning he must be Klaus, the leader of Squad Klaus (who Erwin …

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  • Honey Pie

    I've thought about the subject of publication with chapters and with the anime for quite a bit, and from what I can see, it looks like the anime will end up with 3 seasons, and the manga will end up with 100 chapters. It should finish being written somewhere from 2017 to possibly up to February 2018.

    This was based off of statistics based off of when the first chapter was released, September 2009, comparing it to Chapter 50, which was published in September 2013. Comparing to that, the series should end in the 2017 arena, but if the chapters continue to strictly be released monthly, then that's what would calaculate to february 2018 if there are meant to be 100 Chapters in the end.

    Why am I saying 100 Chapters? Hajime Isayama's editor stated…

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  • Neetaku

    A New Character?

    October 26, 2015 by Neetaku

    So, today I was randomly looking up information on the Attack on Titan anime when I found something interesting: in FUNimation's announcement of the English cast for AOT, a character we don't have a page for named Mobb is reported as being voiced Matthew Ham. I was wondering if anyone on the wiki had any information about this?

    EDIT: I also found in another one of its cast announcements (they released, like, five different announcements over the course of a week, each with around eight characters and their english voices), a character called "Waltz" who is voiced by Kyle Phillips. However, like Matthew Ham, Phillips is never credited in the anime for voicing a specific character, but for providing "additional voices".

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  • Sim0n2170

    Manga artist Hajime Isayama, mangaka of Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) was recently interviewed by BBC and talked about his inspiration of the series and how he nearly gave up after seeking out publishers to accept his work and how they told him his artwork was not good enough.

    You can watch the interview here

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  • Honey Pie

    I heard that this might've been shown at the end of the second recap movie, but here we have, with voice acting, a release (might be a leak) of anime content where Hange talks to Nick on the wall... man it is real.

    That's probably just about the very beggining of the episode. :D

    I notice that the BGM it's playing isn't from Season 1's soundtrack, so I'm sure another soundtrack is confirmed.

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  • Manuel de la Fuente

    On September 25th, Kodansha Comics revealed that they would make the "biggest manga announcement ever" regarding Attack on Titan at the New York Comic Con on October 8th, and we all were theorizing what it could be. The day has come and the revelation is here.

    During the fall of 2016, Kodansha will publish Attack on Titan Anthology, a full-color, 250-page anthology of Attack on Titan short stories from a slew of artists and writers, including Scott Snyder, Gail Simone, Michael Avon Oeming, Faith Erin Hicks, Kate Leth, Jeremy Lambert, and Rona.

    The book will have the same trim size as an American comic -- larger than the traditional manga size. The stories will range from 5 to 25 pages, and the book will also include pin-up art. Take a look at Cam…

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  • Llama919 is a twitter page which tweets out news about SnK translated from japanese articles and updates from the producers at WIT and IG

    - This tweet claims to be a manga announcement, but this is written in regards to WIT and IG who produce the anime and NOT the manga, i figure this is a mistranslation, since manga and anime have similar definitions

    it says above, "stay tuned comic con." i was aware that there was a comic con going on in new york but i just assumed that the announcement would go live over in japan. But after doing some digging i found that there was no "comic-con" around the corner. Then this tweet went up to clarify.

    - Assuming that the mistranslation means that this is an anime announcement, and …

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  • Sim0n2170
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  • Manuel de la Fuente

    The first part of the live-action movie of Attack on Titan premiered on August 1 in Japanese theaters, but here in the Americas were waiting for the release date of the movie in our theaters. Now, FUNimation has announced the screening dates for both the first part and End of the World in US and Canada.

    Like in Japan, the movies will screen one month apart, with Part 1 screening in a limited theatrical release on September 30, October 1 and October 7, and Part 2 airing three weeks later on October 20, 22 and 27.

    Pre-sale tickets for both movies will go up for purchase later this month ahead of the screening engagements and an email signup for is provided on the official website for updates on tickets and participating theaters.

    “Fan reaction to A…

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  • Sookey5

    Annie is Dead

    August 17, 2015 by Sookey5

    My theory is that Annie is dead. If Annie was alive, she would probably be awake by now. Plus, how could she survive in a crystal without any food for like two and a half months (yes, its a month, cause clash of the titans takes two days to complete if you look at it in one perspective and the uprising took two months and at most two weeks). The Beast Titan also said that Annie could wait, so that's more time she'd be stuck in there. 

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