• Before the Fall manga

Brenke (ブレンケ Burenke?) is the company manager for the Inocencio family business. He appears in the Attack on Titan: Before the Fall manga.


Brenke is a well-dressed man with short-cut black hair and a wide mustache.


Within Wall Sheena, Brenke visits the Inocencio family estate to deliver a report of the family business's trading volume. Xavi Inocencio congratulates Brenke on his success in recovering the family's business after the death of Dario Inocencio, though Brenke claims that Xavi should be more deserving of praise for the recovery. After discussing Xavi's recent acceptance into the Military Police Brigade, Brenke informs Xavi of rumors that Sharle Inocencio had been spotted in the Industrial City. Claiming the news to be foolish, Brenke departs from the estate.[1]