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Survey Corps Commanders
◄ Preceded by Carlo Pikale
Followed by ►
Vacant, last held by Jorge Pikale

Carlo Pikale (カルロ・ピケール Karuro Pikēru?) is a captain of the Survey Corps during the time of Attack on Titan: Before the Fall.


When he was younger, Carlo sported cheek-length, messy hair, and wore the typical uniform of a member of the Survey Corps.

After the series' fifteen year timeskip, Carlo is shown to have begun growing his hair out slightly farther, so that it must be kept brushed out of his eyes. Additionally, he is shown to have grown a small beard. He continues to wear the standard Survey Corps uniform.



Carlo is the son of the previous commander and hero, Jorge Pikale. He is also a member of the Survey Corps during the Before the Fall arc, set seventy years before Eren Yeager's time. He, along with Sorum Humé, were the first to discover Elena Munsell's infant son.

Fifteen years later, thirty-three year old Carlo is a captain of the Survey Corps, and meets Kuklo, Elena's son, during an expedition outside of the Wall. Though neither is aware of who the other person is, they are forced to work together in order to survive outside the Walls. After their narrow escape from a Titan, they safely make it back inside the Walls. They are forced to part ways, due to Kuklo being wanted for questioning by the Military Police.

He later meets Sharle Inocencio. She tells him that her brother lied about Kuklo. He is willing to help, because he and his comrades branded Kuklo as the "Titan's Son" 15 years ago. He felt remorse that Kuklo had a hard life.



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