This article is about the daughter of Elliot Gurnberg Stratmann. For the first chapter of the Attack on Titan: Lost Girls manga, see Carly Stratmann (Chapter).

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Carly Stratmann (カーリー・ストラットマン Kārī Sutorattoman?) is a graduate student of chemistry in Stohess District and a major character in the story "Wall Sina, Goodbye" in the Attack on Titan: Lost Girls novel as well as the manga of the same name.


Carly is a fit young woman with pale green eyes and red curly hair kept at a short length just near her shoulders. In the novel and manga, her light hair is just a bit wavy and much longer, reaching down near her ribs.


Carly is a laid-back individual who seems to be mellow and calm when serious. She is notably conscious of her surroundings, and is rather studious as shown when she applies her chemistry knowledge to the coderoin trade and explains it in great detail to Annie.[2]




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