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The results for the Attack on Titan characters Popularity Poll were published in the Attack on Titan Guidebook INSIDE.

Characters Popularity Poll
Position Name Number of votes
1 Levi 3953 votes
2 Eren Yeager 2244 votes
3 Mikasa Ackerman 2232 votes
4 Sasha Blouse 818 votes
5 Krista Lenz 664 votes
6 Annie Leonhart 452 votes
7 Hange Zoë 388 votes
8 Reiner Braun 348 votes
9 Jean Kirstein 310 votes
10 Armin Arlert 290 votes
11 Ymir N/A
12 Erwin Smith N/A
13 Petra Ral N/A
14 Bertolt Hoover N/A
15 Nanaba N/A
16 Mike Zacharias N/A
17 Connie Springer N/A
18 Oluo Bozado N/A
19 Dot Pixis N/A
20 Marco Bott N/A
Titans Popularity Poll
Position Name
1 Colossus Titan
2 Armored Titan
3 Beast Titan
4 Female Type Titan
5 The Titan hidden in the Wall

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