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Christa Lenz (クリスタ・レンズ Kurisuta Renzu?) is a 1st year student at Titan Junior High School and is best friends with Ymir.


Christa is quite short and has long blonde hair with a center bang, large blue eyes, and a heart-shaped face. She usually wears a pink cardigan over her white button down with a blue bow and a blue skirt underneath. Christa is noted for being very pretty; this, coupled with her kindness, sometimes causes her classmates to wonder if she is a goddess or an angel.


Christa is seen to be one of the nicest people at Titan Junior High, being very sweet and apologetic. This causes many male classmates to fall in love with her, especially Reiner Braun. She is very loyal to Ymir.


Eren runs into Christa and Ymir

Ymir recovers Christa after her fall

Christa rushes to school with toast in her mouth, but crashes into Eren Jaeger by accident. Ymir recovers her and scowls back at Eren. Eren apologizes to Christa by giving her money, only to be revealed that he only gave ten yen. Along with the others, Christa and Ymir accidentally rush into the Titans' side of the school. Upon entering the Titan class 1-4, she is attacked by falling stationery but Ymir protects her and runs out the classroom. She and the group are found by Hannes and they are escorted to their actual class. There, Christa introduces herself and is later asked to go to the courtyard for the entrance ceremony. She is among the students trying to protect their lunch from being stolen by the Titans.[1] Christa finds her friends complaining about their clubs and she joins in, discussing her activities in the brass club. She follows her friends to locate the Attack Junior High Scout Regiment, where she meets odd upperclassmen who welcome her into the club, despite being in a different one already.[2]

Along with Ymir, Christa confronts Annie and asks her about her favorite lunch. As Annie reluctantly answered Mozuku seaweed instead of Cheeseburgers, Christa notes her maturity in her food choices.

With the dodgeball match the next day, Christa participates on Annie's team. When the ball hits her, Reiner rushes to her side unluckily for him Ymir is on guard. She trips Reiner and catches the ball, holding as the entitled savior of Christa. Christa thanks her, as Ymir follows up a proposal. On lunchtime, Christa and the other team members offer their Mozuku lunches to Annie.[3]

Christa is upset with Ymir for hitting her with a xylophone mallet in the Brass Club.[4]


  • Ymir - Christa is very loyal to Ymir, often sticking to her side. She enjoys Ymir's company disregarding Ymir's hostility towards other people, as Christa understands that Ymir is trying in her own way to protect her. What Christa is not aware of is that Ymir hoards off boys from ever trying to make moves on her.
  • Reiner Braun - He is one of her few classmates that have a crush on her. Christa's attention is not diverted to him at all in that way - in fact, she merely views him as a classmate.