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This article is about the drug coderoin. For the fourth chapter of the Attack on Titan: Lost Girls manga, see Coderoin (Chapter).

Coderoin (コデロイン Koderoin?) is an illegal drug circulating within Stohess District, headed by Carly Stratmann. It appears in the visual novel Wall Sina, Goodbye as well as the novel Attack on Titan: Lost Girls and the manga of the same name.


Coderoin is seen in the form of a small white tablet with a slit in the middle; not very different from the size and appearance of a typical pharmaceutical pill.


According to Carly Stratmann, a chemistry student and distributor of codaime, the drug is created through the extraction of the chemical morphine from fluid extracted from papafer plants. The morphine is combined with ammonia in a 7:3 mixture. The mixture is heated until the fica fragments and SiCl are separated from the mixture, after which the solution is heated to 77° C and anacetic hydride acid is added. Further steps are required for the creation of coderoin, but Carly did not mention them.[1]



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