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Dario Inocencio (ダリオ・イノセンシオ Dario Inosenshio?) was a highly esteemed merchant from Wall Sheena. He bought Kuklo for his son, Xavi, to abuse as to build his confidence. He also planned to marry off his daughter Sharle.


Dario was a man with a large build and has short dark-colored hair that connected and forms into a full mustache and beard. He was a well dressed man, usually wearing suits and ties befitting of his social status. When traveling outdoors, he often wore a dark hat with a light colored band, and a long smooth cape with dark colored fur around the neck.


He was a greedy, avaricious and possessive entrepreneur who saw everyone, even his own family, as nothing more than tools for his own wealth.



  • Xavi Inocencio - His son and the oldest of his two children. He was likely a means to spread his father's influence in the military.
  • Sharle Inocencio - His daughter, and the youngest of his two children. She was to be married off to a political official not long before he died.
  • Kuklo Munsell - Nothing more than a financial investment put towards Xavi's, soon to be, military future.


  • His surname is of Spanish origin and means "innocent", which is ironic considering his cruel personality.
  • "Dario" has a Latin origin and is roughly translated as "the one who possesses the good", further emphasizing that irony.


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