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Darius Zackly (ダリス・ザックレー Darisu Zakkurē?) is the head general (総統 Sōtō?) of the military.




Attack on Titan: No Regrets

In a flashback, Zackly is seen in his office discussing with Keith Shadis and Erwin Smith about the Long-Distance Enemy Scouting Formation Erwin had created. While finding it ingenious and agreeing with its concept, he nevertheless refused to let the Survey Corps use the formation, arguing that the major anti-Survey Corps opinion within deputies would not allow it.[1] In addition, Zackly reminded to an angry Keith that the dissolution of the Survey Corps would be decided in five days.[2]

Later on, Zackly announced to Keith and Erwin the assembly voted to maintain the Survey Corps. Noting that it will not probably be the case next time, he urged them to do their best. Erwin then asked him about a request he formulated earlier which consisted in going to the Underground in order to recruit a gang of thugs, putting the emphasis on their outstanding skills.[3] Interested in Erwin's sayings, Zackly accepted.

When Levi admitted to Erwin he came in the Survey Corps to kill him and steal a document for Nicholas Lovof, Erwin revealed him the said document was already in Zackly's possession.[4]



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