Daz (ダズ Dazu?) is a trainee (訓練兵 Kunren-hei?) of the 104th Training Corps and participated in the battle of Trost District.


Daz has a short crop of spiky light hair. He wears the normal uniform of the 104th Training Corps.


Daz is constantly terrified, regardless of the situation he has an ever present fear of something bad soon to happen, and when it does happen he loses complete control and often complies with dying by sword over facing Titans again. He is not a confident soldier or physically strong as he was unable to complete the mountain training when someone as petite as Historia Reiss was.[2]


104th Training Corps arc

Daz is safely indoors

Daz was safely indoors

When Ymir referred to a promise her and Krista had made during training, they were shown walking through snowy mountains as Krista drags Daz through the snow on a small sled as he was unable to complete the training exercise.

Ymir stated that they should leave him behind as he was already at death's door and said that he could not properly evaluate his physical limits and should not have come in the first place but he wanted the praise and admiration. Krista continued to refuse to leave him behind until Ymir took him and offered to get him back herself while Krista goes on ahead.

Before she can deny, Ymir picked her up and threw her down a hill and when she ran back to the top, they had disappeared.[2] Later when Krista returned to the cabins, Daz was seen resting in a bed inside while doctors looked him over.[3]

Battle of Trost District arc

Daz panics

Daz panics at the thought of fighting Titans again

When Dot Pixis announces the plan to reconquer Trost District, Daz, having barely survived the Trost evacuation support operation prior, begins to panic and starts screaming that he does not want to die. Though Marco Bott tries to quiet him, a commanding officer overhears and threatens to execute him. Daz replies that execution would be better than being eaten by a Titan. However, Dot Pixis then announces that all deserters will be pardoned, but have to live with the awareness that they abandoned their families to the Titans. Daz, for all his psychological trauma, is unable to leave his family to that fate, and returns to participate in the operation to plug the breach.[4] It is unknown what becomes of Daz afterwards during the remainder of the battle.


He is an unexceptional member of the 104th, but skilled (or lucky) enough to have survived multiple encounters with Titans.

Daz's Statistics [5]:




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