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Dimo Reeves (ディモ・リーブス Dimo Rībusu?) was a merchant that led the Reeves Company, a merchant group named after him. He was based in Trost District for most of his dealings and had brief alliances with the Military Police Brigade and the Survey Corps, mostly outside of Trost.


Dimo Reeves was a short, overweight man. His head was balding with black hair on the sides and a thin dark mustache and beard. He had brown eyes and bright skin. He was usually well dressed, with a brown leather jacket, gray vest, and pink button up shirt with red brown dress pants and brown dress shoes.


During the Battle of Trost District, Dimo Reeves was a selfish businessman blocking the inner gate with his cart. He commented that people's lives were not worth half as much as his cart, and ordered them to push. He only relented when his life was threatened by Mikasa Ackerman, not due to any change of heart.[3]

Much later on, after his talk with Levi on top of the Wall Rose,[4] he was actually not as selfish as he first seemed, and he agreed to help the Survey Corps if they assured his survival. He turned out to be a very intelligent and honest man, although he obviously focused a lot on the profit of his business. His discussion with Levi also revealed that he was forced by the government to kidnap Eren Yeager and Historia Reiss,[5] and even stated himself that he was hesitant the Military Police Brigade could stand any chance against the "Titan killers" from the very start.[citation needed]


Battle of Trost District arc

Mikasa threatens Dimo

Mikasa threatens Dimo

During the invasion of Trost District where he blocked the inner gate of Wall Rose with a cart full of merchandise, effectively preventing most of the survivors from escaping the town. Upon being questioned by a citizen, he responded by saying that he owned the companies in this town and paid for everyone's meals. He then attempted to rally the citizens into pushing his cart, commenting that their lives were not worth as much as his cart. He was confronted by Mikasa Ackerman, who told him that her comrades were dying trying to buy time for the citizens to evacuate, but he simply responded that it was natural for soldiers to die for the sake of protecting people. This enraged Mikasa who approached him and threatened to kill him. This caused Dimo to reluctantly order his men to remove the cart from the gate so the citizens could escape.[3]

The Uprising arc

He sent his subordinates to kidnap Eren and Historia, but they were pursued by the Special Operations Squad which later led to him being captured.[6][7] He was convinced by Levi to help them oppose the Military Police Brigade.[8] He later rode a cart carrying Djel Sannes and Ralph, and told them that he was taking them to the place where he had Eren and Historia captured, but purposely steered the cart off a cliff. As Sannes and Ralph fell into the river down below, they were captured by the Survey Corps.[9]

Dimo is killed

Kenny kills Dimo

When the day of delivering Eren and Historia to the Military Police finally came he was asked by Captain Kenny Ackerman if he knew about a man known as Levi Ackerman and assumed he was talking about Captain Levi. He was then killed by the Captain by having his throat slit open.[citation needed]

Later on, Reeves' body was taken to Trost District by the Military Police's First Interior Squad who blame the death on Erwin and the Survey Corps. His wife sobbed on the ground next to him and told Erwin to get away from her husband. Erwin mentioned the bad things Reeves' did like blocking the evacuation and using questionably legal tactics. However, he then talked about how Reeves had saved Trost even though the citizens made him an outcast. Erwin then promised to avenge his death.[10]



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