Quote1 I believe in the security of the Walls...and the king...Our actions weren't misguided...or so I thought...but...So this is how much it hurts...Just torture me to death...It's all...I ever did with my blood-stained life. Quote2
— Sannes reflecting upon his life[3]

Djel Sannes (ジェル・サネス Jeru Sanesu?) is a former member of the Military Police Brigade and part of the First Interior Squad.


Sannes is a tall man with a short crop of dark-colored hair and bright eyes. He is usually seen wearing the Military Police uniform but is also seen wearing a white button-up shirt, black pants, and white shoes when he is tortured by Hange and Levi.


Sanes wants to protect the king

A tortured Sannes states his twisted desire to protect the king

Sannes is an individual who holds a strong sense of loyalty to the king and keeping the security of the Walls, to the point of adhering to the murder and torture of others regardless of who they are to maintain peace.[4] Like most Military Policemen, he looks down upon those from the Survey Corps, regarding them as lackeys that only waste taxes used to fund them, unlike useful soldiers such as himself.[5] However, he has shown a degree of carelessness and did not take much caution when disposing of people viewed as threats, as seen when he revealed how he was aware of Nick's status in the Church of the Walls and how his valuables would be a motive for murder-robbery when the Minister's identity was concealed as a chair craftsman without a single piece of luggage, Sannes also left signs of torture on Nick's body and evidence of torn skin on his own knuckles.[6]

In spite of that, even when held captive and tortured, he refused to tell his abductors his knowledge about the Reiss Family, believing that even if he were to die that his comrades would carry on their task of protecting their great king and bring down the Survey Corp's coup d'état without him.[7] He believes that humanity was able to come this far in peace and without war was due to the efforts and sacrifices of the first squad Military Police, who would quickly murder these threats, and how people should be grateful towards their actions.[8] Sannes has shown a degree of cruelty, admitting that he enjoyed inflicting pain upon the helpless, feeling justified of his actions since he was doing it for the greater good and thought of what he was doing as just and moral.[9] But it is later revealed that Sannes has feelings of guilt and regret for his own actions of the past as Levi and Hange continue to torture him, crying to them that they should have fun and continue to hurt him without holding back, finally coming to realize just how much pain he inflicted on others during his life, asking to be tortured to death as compensation.[10]


The Uprising arc

Along with Ralph, Sannes investigates the murder of Minister Nick. They refuse Hange Zoë entrance into the room, claiming that she will interfere with the crime scene and guard the Minister's door.[11] Sannes states that all the belongings within his room were stolen and that the murder was most likely a robbery and how incidents like those have been happening frequently.[12]

Djel confronts Hange

Sannes confronts Hange

As Hange becomes too insistent, Sannes forcefully grabs the front of her jacket to inspect which squad they came from. He is held back by Moblit, who properly introduces Hange and himself. Realizing that both soldiers are from the Survey Corps, Sannes turns hostile and insults them. However Hange and Moblit do not respond and instead express their shock to find a soldier from the First Interior Squad where they have no jurisdiction. Sannes explains to them that this area was very important and he was stationed there because there were not enough soldiers around.[13]

Upon hearing Hange's wondering about Nick, Sannes states that this kind of crime is not rare considering the victim's status.[14] Hange pretends to be surprised and lies about Nick but Sannes dryly interrupts her. The latter apologizes, entrusts the investigation to the two men and asks them to relay a message to the culprits before leaving.[15]

Levi and Hange prepare to torture Djel

Djel Sannes about to be tortured by Hange and Levi

Sannes and Ralph are later seen being led, on a horse carriage, to the location where Eren and Historia are being held by Dimo Reeves, unaware that he had been falsely mislead information and was betrayed.[16] According to the plan, the horse slips and the carriage along with Sannes and his partner fall into a deep trench.[17] It is shown that Hange and Levi caught Sannes and Ralph before they fell to their deaths and brought their unconscious bodies back to their hideout.[18] He wakes up tied to a chair in a room with Hange and Levi, with a tray of surgical equipment in front of him.[19]

Hange begins to torture Sannes, pulling off all his fingernails in retaliation to what he had done to Nick. Sannes protests in pain and asks why was he tortured without being questioned. He is told that the real torture would not start until after all his nails were pulled off, with Hange breaking a finger in the process.[20] Levi begins to start punching Sannes in the face until he deems that they had done everything he had done to Nick, breaking his nose and causing his right eye to swell shut.[21] Hange then shows the captive all his pulled off nails and apologizes for not being as skilled as him. Sannes responds by saying torture and murder he did or witnessed were necessary to maintain peace within the Walls, taking the examples of Erwin's father, Armin's parents, a weapons inventor, and Historia's mother.[22] He yells at them to be grateful for what the MP have done for humanity, only to receive a dull and sarcastic respond from Hange. Sannes expresses how he wished that the Survey Corps had been eliminated earlier and how they were the biggest pests threatening their peace. Levi begins to torture him again by twisting his nose and questions Sannes about the Reiss family.[23]

Hange tortures Djel

Djel Sannes is tortured by Hange and Levi

Taking too long to answer, Hange pulls out one of Sannes' teeth as punishment.[24] With tears in his eyes, Sannes comments on his jailers' cruelty before screaming at them to have as much fun torturing him as they want if they love violence so much. He claims that he does as well, telling them to keep having fun at his expense and that they had no need to hold back since what they were doing was just before asking Hange if they feel incredible since they can think of themselves doing something great.[25] Sannes calls Hange and Levi monsters and adds that they do not scare him, professing his devotion to the king and his faith in his companions, before breaking down in tears asking them to just torture him to death as he begins to doubt if his actions of the past were really for the greater good.[26]

Djel's final warning to Hange

Sannes' final warning to Hange

Hange and Levi leave the room to take a break and Sannes lets go of his bladder. He realizes that this is the end for him but trusts that his comrades would find a way to sort this out.[27] He then hears the voice of Ralph from outside the door. Fearing that Hange and Levi were going to torture him as well, he learns that Ralph had told them everything and does not care about Sannes, which upsets him.[28]

Sannes in prison

Sannes after the coup d'état

After finishing with Ralph, Hange and Levi get back to Sannes, who cracks and reveals that the Reiss family is actually the real royal family.[29] He is later put in the same cell as Ralph where he tries to strangle him for betraying the King without hesitation but is stopped by Hange who tells him that Ralph has not revealed any information but was instead used as a means to have Sannes reveal everything. This causes Sannes to call Hange and the others demons, with Hange replying that Nick surely thought the same of his murderers and yells at Sannes to blame himself for his current state. Crying, Sannes wishes Hange good luck, but also states that one day, there will be someone to take on their role again.[30]

After Rod Reiss is finally defeated and Historia is crowned as the queen, Sannes is seen inside a prison. His wounds have healed and he has a relaxed look on his face.[31]


  • Ralph - Sannes' companion and friend, the pair was almost always seen together and appeared to be close. When Sannes was captured he trusted that Ralph and his companions would continue on with their tasks and bring down the Survey Corps after his death, showing concern and fear for his friend when he found it he had been captured as well. Sannes was very upset to hear his companion, blatantly insulting him about being a pain, not caring about his injured condition and asking for him to be killed, never fully realizing that was possibly never Ralph's true feelings, as he was being forced to read from a script.[32] Upon meeting him again, Sannes attempts to choke Ralph, however, he soon learns that Ralph was forced to read from a script and it was only Sannes who revealed all the secrets to the Survey Corps.[33]
  • Kenny Ackerman - Despite the fact that they were very close to the king, the only seen interaction between them was during their first encounter, during a speech given by Uri to the Church of the Walls. Kenny sarcastically apologized to Sannes for the members of the Military Police he murdered in the past, though Sannes did not seem to hold a grudge against him; and even admired the fact that Uri made him his bodyguard despite that. Kenny noticed Sannes' infatuation with the king, and Sannes also observed that Kenny was very attached to him too.[34] Kenny remembered Sannes during his last moments, when he thought of him and his devotion for the king as one of the reasons people live for.[35]

People Killed

Uncertain involvement


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