• The Harsh Mistress of the City

Duccio (ドゥッキオ Dukkio?) was a soldier in the Training Corps stationed in Quinta District. He appeared in the light novel Attack on Titan: The Harsh Mistress of the City, Part 1.


Duccio had closely cropped hair and traces of childlike innocence in his features.[1] Though he was old enough to enlist as a trainee, both Rita Iglehaut and Mathias Kramer thought of him as a boy so he probably was one of the younger soldiers in his Training Corps.[2][3]


Duccio had a cheerful personality and greatly looked up to Rita for being able to take charge of the situation. Because of his youth, Duccio was unable to recognize when accepting a gift would be improper and could be misconstrued as a bribe, but he was otherwise a boy of good intentions and eager to please.[4] Even for a trainee, he was a little dense, and thought better of people than they might have deserved.[5]


When Rita Iglehaut searched for Garrison survivors following the aborted evacuation of Quinta District, Duccio was one of those who came with her. He then joined her in searching the town hall in Quinta to see if there were any remaining members of the government. When they did not find any, he naively suggested that they might have gone home to be with their families, though in truth they were among the first to be evacuated.[6]

In the absence of a formal government, Duccio concluded that Rita must be in charge since she was the highest ranking soldier left and their acting commander. His words affected the other trainees around him, who began to look to Rita for direction.[7]

After the remaining Garrison and trainee soldiers managed to get Quinta District under control, Duccio began doing patrols under Rita. He mentioned to her that the owner of a bakery gave them some cake, so they could keep up their strength and guard her business properly. Duccio looked forward to eating them. However, Rita told him to return the cakes.[4]

He went out on patrol with her shortly afterward. Duccio entered the Kramer family estate after spotting what he thought were intruders during a night of heavy rain. Though he was shaking as he raised his rifle, he shouted for them to stop. In the next moment, the right half of his head was blown off by Mathias Kramer, who accidentally pulled the trigger to his shotgun. Duccio's body fell at Rita's feet.[8]

His death would become one of the driving reasons behind Rita's authoritarian rule.[9]


  • Though Duccio was consistently referred to as a trainee in the narration, when Mathias saw him for the first time, Duccio was described as wearing a Garrison uniform.[3]