Edgar is, with Eve, the protagonist of Memory Maze, the twelfth story of the Attack on Titan Anthology.


Edgar was an old man with white hair and beard. He had wrinkles on his face and a muscular silhouette.


Edgar was a calm and collected individual. In case of danger, he reacted quickly to protect his wife and himself and prepared to face it.


Edgar gets back to his home with a rabbit he got at hunting and meets his wife, Eve. He prepares the rabbit and absent-mindedly talks with her.

Edgar brings Eve to safety

Edgar brings Eve to safety and prepares himself to face Titans

Noticing red smoke through the window, he quickly drags Eve to the basement and put his vertical maneuvering equipment. As Eve worries about their son who might not finds his parents, Edgar comments on how the kid ran after that same red smoke, unaware of its meaning. Lighting a lantern, he tells Eve their son passed away eighteen years ago and asks her to accept it. She gets mad at him but they are interrupted by a Titan who destroys their house. He asks Eve to run away and goes to kill the Titan. He lands in its shoulder and is about to cut the nape but the Titan grabs and crushes him to death.[1]


  • Eve - Eve was Edgar's wife and the mother of his son. He appeared to care for her, valuing her safety and not daring to remind her about their son's death until the situation demanded it.