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Eld Gin (エルド・ジン Erudo Jin?) is a 2nd year student from Titan Junior High School and a member of the Attack Junior High Scout Regiment.


Along with the neat tied-back blond hair and golden eyes, Eld also wears a blue hoodie underneath his school uniform.


A 2nd year student and a member of the Attack Junior High Scout Regiment. The guy with common sense among the club members. He’s the type that can make decisions calmly. He is close with Gunther. He likes video games and is often seen playing with a handheld game console.


When Oruo bites his tongue and falls to the ground trying to prevent the first year group to come in the Attack Junior High Scout Regiment club room, Eld comes at his side, worried. He assumes someone tried to murder his friend by cutting his tongue and comment how inhuman it is. He quickly loses his compassion towards his mate when Eren tells them Oruo just bit his own tongue.[1]

Along with his classmates, he scolds the first years for their behavior and looks. His main reproofs are for Jean because of his clothes. Eren yelling to his upperclassmates to shut their mouth plus the late arrival of Christa, Ymir, Reiner and Bertholdt will not smooth things over. As a consequence, Eld and his friends give a cleaning collective punishment to the first years. Hearing the third year group challenging Eren and his friends for the Sport Day, he agrees to participate, along with his classmates. For the shoulder wars match, he carries Petra with Oruo and Gunther. At the end of the day, Eld and the others second years help their cadets cleaning the court.[2]

For the courage test night, he is disguised as the Colossal Titan. He goes hide to the science room with Gunther and waits for the first year group to scare them.[3]


  • Gunther Schultz - Eld and Gunther often hang out together, so it is implied that they are quite close friends.