Quote1 My brothers! Let us overthrow Marley!! Let us correct the errors of history!! And let us regain our pride as Eldians!! My brothers!! We will fight until the day Eldia returns!! Quote2
— Grisha Yeager rallying up the Restorationists[1]

The Eldia Restorationists (エルディア復権派 Erudia Fukken-ha?), also known as the Eldia Revivalists[2] or Eldia Secessionists[3] were a radical group of Eldians in Liberio who plotted to destroy Marley using the Founding Titan, and restore Eldia as a world power.[1] They rejected Marley's teachings and believed them to be lies.[4][5] The symbol of the group was a cross-shaped scar on each member's body, which they make themselves with a knife.[6]

They received weapons, funds, and historical documents from "The Owl," an informant from the Marley government and the group's founder.[7][3] The documents were written in an unreadable language,[4] but looking at illustrations, they concluded that Ymir Fritz had used the power of the Titans to cultivate lands, build roads, and bring wealth to mankind.[7]


The remnants of the royal family that stayed in Marley formed a revolutionary army; however, this army was unsuccessful and was crushed. All members of this original organization, including Eren Kruger's father, were smoked out by Public Security Authorities and executed for treason against Marley.[8]

Grisha Yeager joined a new incarnation of the group, made by Kruger,[5] at the age of 18 when a member of the organization came to his clinic and told him that they received information that his sister had been killed by a man in the Marley authorities.[9] There, Grisha devoted himself to interpreting ancient text and planning to revive Eldia. In this organization, he also met his wife, Dina Fritz, a woman of royal blood whose ancestors decided not to move to Paradis island. She gave birth to their son Zeke Yeager.[10] Grisha was sure he would lead them to victory over Marley. When the Warrior program of the Marley government was proclaimed, he planned to make Zeke a Warrior who was then supposed to turn against Marley. However, at the age of 7, Zeke reported his parents to the authorities of Marley and the Eldia Restorationists were arrested, to be sent to Paradis, where they would roam as mindless Titans for the rest of eternity as they feed on other Eldians.[2]

Grisha holding his family photo while accepting Kruger's mission

Grisha accepted Kruger's mission to retake the Founding Titan

Before being sent to Paradis, Grisha was tortured by the authorities for information such as the Restorationists plans, and the identity of "The Owl." After this, the organization members were shipped to Paradis in preparation of their execution.[11] All members of the group were transformed into mindless Titans, except Grice and Grisha. The former, who was simply kicked off the wall to be eaten by the Titans, and the latter, who was kept alive by Kruger for further questioning.[12] Once most of the public service authorities had returned to their ship, Kruger saved Grisha from execution by killing Gross. He then revealed himself as "The Owl," transformed into a Titan, and begun slaughtering the other authorities.[13]

After returning to Grisha from his massacre, Kruger explained his reasoning for saving Grisha and gave him a mission to restore Eldia's freedom and dignity by entering the Walls to retake the Founding Titan.[14] He explained that Grisha would do this by using the Titan powers he would give to him.[15] At first, Kruger was met with resistance from a burnt out Grisha, but after giving him a picture of his family and convincing him further, Grisha's will was reignited and he accepted Kruger's mission.[16]


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