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This article contains heavy SPOILERS. Continue at your own risk, or use the links below to switch to another version of the page without spoilers

The Eldia Restorationists (エルディア復権派 Erudia Fukken-ha?), also known as the Eldia Revivalists[1] or Eldia Secessionists[2] were a rebellious group of Eldians in Marley with the goal to receive the power of the Founding Titan in order to destroy Marley. In contrast to the teachings in Marley, they believed in Ymir Fritz as a goddess who brought cultivated lands, built roads, and brought wealth to mankind.[3] The symbol of the group was a cross-shaped scar on each members body, which they make themselves with a knife.[4] They received high profile information by "The Owl", who was an informant in the Marley government. Many of the documents contained an unknown writing.[5]


Grisha Yeager joined the group at the age of 18 when a member of the organization came to his clinic and told him that they received information that his sister had been killed by a man in the Marley authorities.[6] There, Grisha devoted himself to interpreting ancient text and planning to revive Eldia. In this organization, he also met his wife, Dina Fritz, who is of royal blood, but decided not to move to the island Paradis. She gives birth to their son Zeke Yeager.[7] Grisha is sure he would lead them to victory over Marley. When the warrior program of the Marley government is proclaimed, he planned to make Zeke a warrior who was then supposed to turn against Marley. However, at the age of 7, Zeke reported his parents to the authorities of Marley and the Eldia Restorationists were sent to Paradis, where they would roam as mindless Titans for the rest of eternity.[1]



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