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Eren (エレン Eren?) is a member of the Scout Regiment with the power to transform into the Mysterious Titan in the live-action films Attack on Titan, The Movie: Part 1 and Attack on Titan, The Movie: Part 2, and the main protagonist of both movies. He is the live-action counterpart of Eren Yeager from the original Attack on Titan manga and is portrayed by Haruma Miura.


Eren has short hair with it just barely parted around his eyes. He wears the standard Scout Regiment uniform.


Eren is determined to achieve his goals, which is killing all the Titans. Years before he joined the military, Eren had a life-changing realization after the Titans invaded his home village. This affected his mindset to join the military despite the dangers.


Eren was born in the town of Monzen, and his father would forcibly test experimental serums on him. When Eren was still a child a Military Police squadron broke into his house and killed his parents, burning the house in order to destroy his father's research. Eren only survived with the help of his father's assistant, Souda. He would eventually meet and befriend Mikasa and Armin.



  • Mikasa - Instead of adoptive siblings, Eren and Mikasa are a couple in this continuity.[3] She is easily worried for his safety, often intervening in situations where he may not need her assistance.
  • Armin - Being Eren's childhood friend, Armin shows care for Eren's well-being and vice-versa. Eren exhibits his devotion to Armin when he sacrificed himself in Armin's stead while in the mouth of a Titan.
  • Shikishima - Eren and Shikishima had a rather estranged relationship when they first met. They shared a neutral acquaintanceship prior to Shikishima's identity being revealed as the Armored Titan as well as his brother.


  • Eren's uniform has a red Scout Regiment insignia.