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Other Media
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A Sudden Visitor: The Torturous Curse of Adolescence

In 847, Eren and Mikasa confusedly watch a brewing fight between Sasha and Jean. Afterwards, he attempts unloading a crate from a wagon however is unable to. Meanwhile, he looks over at Mikasa and she manages to lift three without trouble. Later in the dining hall, Eren advises Jean to be nicer to his mother.


Eren furious

Eren gets furious after failing to protect Krista

In the year 848, two years before graduation, Eren accompanies the other trainees on a wilderness hunt to sustain themselves in times of peace, where he and Jean continually get at each other's throats. During this trip, Krista Lenz is kidnapped by thieves and Eren assists in rescuing her, helping lead to the criminals' arrest. He is also seen with Marco as they contemplate on which military branch they will join.

Spin-off Manga

Attack on Titan (Manga)

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Attack on Titan: Lost Girls (Manga)

Spoof on Titan

Spin-off Anime

Chibi Theater: Fly, Cadets, Fly!

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Attack on Titan: Junior High anime

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