Eve is, along with Edgar, the protagonist of Memory Maze, the twelfth story of the Attack on Titan Anthology.


Eve is a slender, elderly woman. She has long white hair tied in a messy bun and face carved with wrinkles. She wears a teal dress with a long blue shawl and brown shoes. She also keeps with her the pink blanket she made for her son.


Eve is a caring woman and a doting mother. However, the death of her son traumatized her to the point that she still believes he is alive and will get back home years after the tragedy. Once she overcomes her traumatism, she keeps her composure and does not lament about who and what she lost.


Eve knits

Eve knits

Eve knits a large quilt for her son, remembering of him. Lost in her thoughts, she pricks her finger. As her husband, Edgar, gets back home, she shows him her work and expresses excitement at seeing their son again.[1]

Looking through the window, she notices red smoke on the horizon and understands Titans broke the Wall. Edgar leads her to the basement and prepares himself. Eve worries about her son, wanting to go up again so that he could find his parents. Edgar calmly reminds her their child has been dead for eighteen years and begs her to overcome it. This angers Eve but they are interrupted by a Titan which destroys their house.[2]

Edgar asks Eve to run away but Eve does not, begging her husband to stay with her. She witnesses him battling the Titan and being killed by the latter. She approaches Edgar and takes one of his blades. She runs to the stairs that have not been destroyed and climbs to find herself face to face with the Titan, and she walks into its mouth.[3]

Eve kills the Titan

Eve kills the Titan

Finally, accepting her son's demise, she manages to get out the Titan by piercing its neck from the inside.[4]

Some time later, she is found sitting on the ruins of her house by soldiers. One of them asks her who has passed away and she mentions her husband. The soldier politely asks her again if she has lost someone else today.