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Quote1 The only one who can destroy all the Titans is the Devil! And my mission... is to bring the Devil back to life!! Quote2
— Floch advocating for Erwin Smith's revival.[1]

Floch (フロック Furokku?) is a member of the Survey Corps. He joined the regiment after the crowning of Historia Reiss at some point during the two months between the attack at Orvud District and the return to Shiganshina District. Other than Hange Zoë and Squad Levi, he is the only survivor of the battle of Shiganshina.[citation needed]


Floch appears to be of medium height with short, tousled blond hair. During the return to Shiganshina, he wears the standard Survey Corps uniform and cloak.


Floch is, by his own admission, a coward.[2] Part of Floch's cowardice seems to stem from a belief that his death should not be "meaningless," as he expressed during the Battle of Shiganshina District.[3] Despite this, Floch has proved himself to be capable of acting courageously. He was willing, despite his fear, to participate in Erwin Smith's suicide charge against the Beast Titan,[4] and was willing to stand up to his fellow soldiers when they suggested allowing Erwin to die in favor of saving the life of Armin Arlert, even going so far as to risk being attacked by Mikasa Ackerman to keep her from taking the Titan serum from Levi.[5]

One of Floch's most evident personality traits is his respect for Erwin Smith. He argued passionately for Erwin to receive the life-saving Titan serum, believing that only Erwin was capable of making the choices necessary to guarantee humanity victory.[5] He openly criticizes the choice to save Armin over Erwin, and claims that the choice was a result of those involved allowing their emotions to cloud their judgment.[6]

Floch is also very honest with others, to the point of being insensitive. He admits to Hitch that Marlowe regretted entering the Survey Corps in his final moments, and informs Armin that most Military personnel who have read the Corps' report from the Shiganshina battle agree that Armin's survival was a mistake.[7] It is possible that Floch's value of the truth stems from his experiences in Shiganshina, as he insists that any future recruits be informed of what they will be signing up for, so that "cowards" like him will know not to join.[8]


The Uprising arc

During the feast before the expedition to Shiganshina District, Floch rhetorically asks Jean Kirstein if 104th recruits and former Garrison members such as himself and his friends are that unreliable. When Jean asks why he and his friends joined the Survey Corps, Floch says the increased propaganda for the Survey Corps after the uprising is what drew them in. He notes how much the 104th soldiers have changed since they had graduated.[9]

Return to Shiganshina arc

Floch is seen again during the Battle of Shiganshina to the north of Wall Maria alongside soldiers such as Marlowe Freudenberg and Levi Ackerman. He panics during the Beast Titan's assault on their position, thinking the incoming boulders were cannon fire. Captain Levi helps him up when he falls into a panic attack.[10] Marlowe scolds him for letting some of their horses run away in the attack, but Floch in a frantic state says that it would be pointless to watch them if no one is going to survive for the return home. Thinking back on the ceremony where he joined the Garrison, he remarks that he thought he could be a soldier willing to give up his life for humanity, only to realize now that he is not and that his death will be pointless.[11]

When Erwin Smith gives his plan of a suicide charge against the Beast Titan to the recruits, Floch asks if they are going to die and if it is even worth fighting if they are all destined to die anyways. Erwin agrees that they are all likely to die, but he urges the recruits to fight for the good of humanity nonetheless so that the living can give meaning to their deaths. Floch participates in the suicidal charge against the Beast Titan.[12] After Levi attacks and defeats the Beast Titan, Floch stands to his feet as the only known survivor of Erwin's charge. He begins to wander the battlefield searching for anyone else who may have survived.[13]

After finding Erwin wounded and bleeding on the battlefield, Floch treats the Commander's wounds as best he can before pursuing Captain Levi. As Levi prepares to give Eren Yeager the Titan serum needed to heal Armin Arlert, he arrives with Erwin hanging unconscious on his back. While the others begin to argue over who should receive the serum, Floch looks on in confusion.[14] As hostility grows in the group, he gives his opinion that Erwin should be the one to receive the serum, saying that only a "demon" like Erwin can overcome the Titans. He states that ensuring Erwin's survival has become his purpose, but before he can interfere with the situation, Hange Zoë arrives to calm Mikasa's tension. When Eren tries to dissuade Levi from giving Erwin the serum by telling him about Armin's dream to see the ocean, Floch forcibly restrains him to stop him from interfering. Levi orders that he be left alone to inject Erwin and Floch forcibly moves Eren to another house rooftop. After Armin is given the serum instead of Erwin, Floch is left dismayed and asks Levi why he chose Armin over Erwin.[15]

On top of Shiganshina District's Wall, Floch keeps watch and observes the surrounding area as Eren informs Armin about the events which ensued from the battle.[16]



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