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Fort Slava (スラバ要塞 Suraba-yōsai?) is a fortress of the Mid-East Allied Forces near the coast of the continental mainland. It is heavily fortified with many cannons and anti-Titan artillery.


Fort Slava is a fortress atop a high hill that is surrounded by two walls, the low outer wall armed with machine gun bunkers and the high inner wall armed with cannons. Its position overlooking the harbor allows those within to spot enemies from a distance, preventing the possibility of a sneak attack. There are three interconnected railway tracks that encompass the fort between the walls, with various tracks leading back within the fort. These tracks carry the armored train equipped with anti-Titan artillery, a devastating weapon that can kill a Titan of any variety in one shot.

During the battle of Fort Slava at the climax of the Marley Mid-East War, the warrior cadets dig trenches in the landscape all around the fortress beyond the outer wall, allowing for soldiers to attack the Allies' defenses from a covered position.[1]




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