Frieda (フリーダ Furīda?) was a student at Titan Junior High School whose ghost is now haunting its grounds.


Frieda had black hair going down to her shoulders and wide, blue eyes. Her ghostly garments are white, and there is sometimes a blue glow around her. As a ghost, she is also partially transparent.


Frieda, as a ghost, likes to scare unsuspecting students at the school. Her form as a ghost is off-putting to most, however, she is still friendly and down-to-earth.


Eren sees a ghost

Frieda scares Eren

When a group of students wander the school at night, Frieda prepares to scare them. She appears to Reiner Braun, before giving a creepy grin. She later sees Eren Jaeger on a stairwell and appears to him floating in a mirror. As he tries to convince himself he did not see anything, Frieda appears in front of him screaming, to Eren's horror.

Frieda comforts Christa

Frieda comforts Christa

Outside at the schoolyard, seeing another unsuspecting student, Frieda sneaks up behind her, but stops her plans once she sees how upset the student is, and instead asks her what is wrong. Frieda then listens as Christa Lenz tells her about how she got separated from her friends. Frieda tries to comfort Christa and says that she should not walk around late at night at the risk of becoming like her. When Christa says that she would not mind becoming like her, Frieda is shocked by this, hugging and telling Christa that she can stay as she is.[1]


  • Christa Lenz - Frieda quickly takes a liking to Christa, commenting on her cuteness and tells her to stay the way she is. When Christa is upset, Frieda tries to comfort her.