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This article contains heavy SPOILERS. Continue at your own risk, or use the links below to switch to another version of the page without spoilers

This article is about the false king of the Walls in the year 850. For the 145th King of the Fritz family, see First King.

Fritz (フリッツ Furittsu?), often formally referred to as King Fritz, is the deposed king, the person of officially the highest rank in the society within the Walls, being replaced by Historia Reiss. However in reality he is just a puppet king who acted as a substitute for Rod Reiss, the real king.[1]


Fritz is a very old man. He has long, straight white hair and a small beard that covers his chin and his lips. He has small eyes and his face is full of wrinkles. He wears very elegant clothes, those typical of a king, and he possesses a crown, but he has a tendency to never wear it.


Fritz is a very old man, a thing that is represented in his personality. Due to his old age, he is considered senile by the rest of the nobility.[2] He usually looks bored and weak, and he has problems concentrating on something.[2] His old age keeps him from ruling, so other members of the nobility do it under his name.[3]


The Uprising arc

Royal Government

Fritz sits among his men

Even though he has been talked about a lot before, his first appearance is during a conference with four other people, probably nobles. Among them, there is a member of the Military Police Brigade and a member of the Church of the Walls. Fritz does not wear his crown during this conference but instead leaves it on the table beside him along with a bottle of alcohol.[4]

He later appears again asking Erwin if he has any last words before his execution.[5] He does not talk during the entire conference and only the nobles talk with Erwin. However, after the military rebels against him and the nobles, he is called a "senile old fool" and "useless fool" by one of the nobles and appears to be confused and unaware of the current situation, asking if this is the time to eat.[2]


  • His first name is still unknown. He is only referred as "the king from the Fritz royal family" (フリッツ王家 Furittsu ōke?).[1]



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