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Fuchs (フックス Fukkusu?) is a servant and spy of the Inocencio family appearing in the Attack on Titan: Before the Fall manga.


Fuchs is a middle-aged man with prominent wrinkles on his forehead. He is bald, with a thick chin-beard, and thin eyebrows over his light colored eyes.


Despite being a lowly born servant, Fuchs learned early on to "keep your ear close to the ground" and how to covertly acquire information that could prove useful to him.[1] He is a calculated individual, known for his efficiency and unwavering loyalty to his employers. Fuchs is also an honorable man, preferring to not interfere in another person's duels unless he has no other choice.


Dissidence Movement arc

Fuchs is tasked by Xavi Inocencio to track down his missing sister Sharle and is given a lead by Rixner that she is possibly within the Industrial City. He is able to infiltrate the city by riding underneath one of the many supply carts going to and from the city. Fuchs then goes to scout the area and look for leads to Sharle's whereabouts while waiting for Xavi to reach the city.[2]

Several days later, Fuchs takes the cover of a carriage driver and goes to pick up Xavi. He relays that Sharle is indeed within the city and is located within the workshop of famed craftsman Xenophon Harkimo. Fuchs tells Xavi that he can arrange five men to spirit Sharle away during the uprising that will occur in a matter of days.[3] The night of the rebellion, Fuchs is able to track down Xavi and spots him about to get killed by his comrade Matteus. Fuchs is able to disarm Matteus and saves Xavi;[4] he apologizes for interfering but Xavi says it saved his life. He reports that the five men he sent were killed and they both proceed to head towards the workshop. When Xavi finds both his sister and Kuklo, the Titan Child, he orders Fuchs to not interfere this time; Fuchs does however interfere to keep Sharle at bay. After the duel occurs, Fuchs gasses her and renders her unconscious, taking her and Xavi back to his hideout.[5]

Restoration of the Survey Corps arc

When Sharle disappears after an attempt on her life by the son of a nobleman, Xavi muses that she is either trying to head back to the Industrial City or Shiganshina District and dispatches Fuchs to track her down once again. Despite having other guards placed to watch carriages travelling through the Ehrmich District gates, Fuchs travels to Karanes District on the chance she might bypass them. This turns out to be correct and he sees Sharle is travelling with a middle aged man. Due to not having a means to report to Rixner, Fuchs continues to follow them to figure out their final destination.[6] As they camp one night near Trost District, Fuchs notes the man has poor eyesight and would not put up much of a fight, deciding to kill him in order to acquire Sharle more easily. However, the man is able to hear Fuchs reach for his knife and causes the latter to abort this plan; after the man moves on with Sharle, Fuchs notes with some surprise that he had a bead of sweat on his brow from the close encounter.[7] Fuchs manages to keep trailing the man and Sharle all the way to the Training academy. From a tree, he notices them interacting with Kuklo, confirming his suspicions that the teen managed to survive Xavi's assault. He jumps down from the tree, landing on his feet. Brushing himself off, Fuchs then chuckles to himself as he goes to report back to Xavi and Rixner.[8]


Fuchs has an incredible sense of hearing, as he was able to decipher that there was movement within a seemingly abandoned building.[9] He is also well known for his stealth and evasion abilities, earning him his nickname of "the fox." When he is forced to fight, Fuchs seems to favor using knives in combat and is incredibly accurate, being able to disarm and wound a member of the Military Police from a good distance away.[10] He is also fearless and keeps a clear head at all times; however, he remarks during one close call that he noticed a single bead of sweat on his brow, something that surprised even him.