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Fukushi (フクシ Fukushi?) was a new recruit for the Scout Regiment in the live-action film Attack on Titan. He was portrayed by Shū Watanabe.


Fukushi had short black hair, with the majority of it combed to the left. He wore the standard Scout Regiment uniform.


Fukushi had some form of motivation, albeit unknown, to join the Scout Regiment. He had a sense of devotion towards Lil, his lover. They had both planned to get married after they returned to the Walls.


Attack on Titan, The Movie: Part 1

Fukushi joins the Scout Regiment with his girlfriend Lil. They plan to marry following their mission. He usually tries to provide comfort for Lil when she is in distress. Due to their mission, the Scout Regiment find themselves in a new district. Fukushi and Lil hide in a building to make out. When morning comes, the Titans invade the district and Fukushi is one of the victims. He gets bitten in half while Lil tries to revive him, hopelessly so.


  • Lil - Lil was Fukushi's lover, and they planned to get married after their first expedition.


  • His name means "fuchsia" in Japanese.
  • His role in the film as well as his fate, is similar to that of Franz Kefka. Examples of this can be shown through his relationship with Lil, and the circumstances of his death, which shows Lil frantically trying to revive him, even though his body was bitten in half.