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Quote1 What makes me different from all of you is that I'm prepared. Prepared to carry the fate of all Eldians on my shoulders and slaughter every last one of the devils that have caused us so much pain living on that island. Quote2
— Gabi proclaims her resolve[1]

Gabi (ガビ Gabi?) is an Eldian warrior working for the Marley government and is a valued candidate to inherit the Armored Titan power.[2]


Gabi is of average height with a petite build and face. She has dark wide eyes and defined eyebrows, with a small nose and radiant smile. She also has medium length black hair which she keeps half tied above her head. Like her fellow warrior cadets, she wears the standard Marleyan soldier uniform consisting of a light jacket and pants, supply packs on the hip, suspender straps, a hard hat with a stripe around it, and tall combat boots. As an Eldian her uniform is different from that of the Marleyans in that the shirt collar has a small badge with the Eldian star instead of a small clip and the hat has a white stripe with the Eldian star on it instead of a pure black stripe. However, underneath her uniform she wears a short tattered white dress with poorly made thigh length light colored shorts. Like all her family and ancestors residing in Marley, she also wears the Eldian armband.


Gabi is a brave, head-strong, and determined soldier who is willing to risk her life to complete an objective and shows her resolve in doing the greater good. Like many of the Eldians living in Marley, she holds a strong hatred for the people of Paradis due to the false history she was raised with.[3] Aside from her resolve and determination, Gabi is care-free even on the battlefield, making remarks about her cuteness and claiming her commander loves her too much to sacrifice her. She also shows great concern for her fellow Eldians, risking her life to take out a train instead of letting 800 of her brethren charge the gunman guarding their objective.[4] Gabi also appears to be quite smart, being able to craft a bomb capable of derailing an armored train meant for taking out the strongest Titans while huddling in a ditch with limited supplies.[5]


Gabi crafts a bomb

Gabi crafts a bomb

During the Marleyan war with the Mid-East Allied Forces, Gabi is present among 800+ other Eldians fighting on behalf of Marley. However, she and some of her friends such as Udo, Zofia, and Falco are valued as warrior cadets with the potential to inherit the Armored Titan power. When Falco's brother Colt returns to their hiding trench with his wounded brother, Gabi and her fellow cadets tend to his wounds as she re-explains their objective to him. When Udo begins to panic in fear of their military failing, he wraps Falco's bandages too tightly and Gabi scolds him. Upon Falco wondering why they were on the front lines as cadets, Gabi explains that it is so they may be evaluated by Commander Magath for their capabilities as successors to the Armored Titan power. When Zofia begins to boast about grades, Gabi interrupts her by explaining her superior resolve to kill all the people of Paradis and free the people trapped in the Liberio Internment Zone. Falco then asks her about the item she is fiddling with and Gabi grins as she shows it off.[6]

Gabi takes out the armored train

The armored train is derailed by Gabi's bomb

When the enemy emerges with an armored train, Commander Magath makes plans to have 800 Eldian warriors charge the mid-eastern gunmen guarding the base to create an opening. However, Gabi interrupts Magath's idea with her own; promising that she and her home-made bomb can take out the anti-Titan artillery alone, without dying or sacrificing their warriors. At first she is denied, but after playfully proclaiming her worth and expendability at the same time, the commander agrees to let her take off her Eldian armband and go. Gabi undresses down to her underclothes and ties the bomb to her ankle, making it appear as shackles. She leaves the ditch and approaches the gunmen with her hands up, looking terrified. When she pretends to trip, she takes the opportunity to throw the bomb on the train tracks and derail the armored train, simultaneously killing the gunmen as she runs away laughing. When one enemy survives, he begins shooting at her as she heads for the ditch. She jumps down in time and collides with Falco who had rushed over to save her, while at the same time being shielded by the appearance of Galliard's Titan. When she sees the Titan, she shows great joy and then watches as he kills the last gunmen standing.[7]


  • Falco - Gabi appears to care for Falco as a fellow Eldian and comrade in the fight against the Mid-East Allied Forces, showing worry at the sight of his wounds when his brother returns with him and calmly re-explaining their objective to him when he shows signs of drowsiness from being hurt. Gabi cared enough to help in the treating of Falco's wounds, and was kind and light hearted towards him while they hid from the enemy.[6] However, it appears that Falco may have a soft spot for Gabi, as he expressed great worry when she risked her life against several mid-eastern gunmen. When one survived Gabi's attack and tried to kill her, Falco in turn risked his life by running from their hiding place to attempt to push her out of the line of fire.[8]
  • Udo - As with her other comrades, Gabi interacts positively with Udo and is kind to him, as he is among the many people she saved by risking her life.[9] However, Gabi is not above putting Udo in his place when he lashes out or starts breaking under the pressure of war.[10]
  • Galliard - Gabi appears to show great admiration and trust towards Galliard. She was overcome with joy when she witnessed him save her life and she appears to idolize him as someone who acquired the power of the Titans, as she one day hopes to.[11]


Isayama's initial sketch of Gabi

Isayama's initial sketch of Gabi

  • Gabi's design and name were revealed by Hajime Isayama a few days before the release of her debut chapter when he posted a sketch he drew while watching UFC to his blog.[12]



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