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Galliard (ガリアード Gariādo?) is a Titan shifter and an Eldian warrior working for the Marley government.


Titan form

Galliard's Titan, "Jaws", possesses deep-set eyes with a heavy brow and light hair. While his chin sports a long beard, the rest of his face is hairless with a cog-like arrangement of seemingly hard skin in place of lips. His Titan also sports what appear to be armored fingers and knuckles.


Galliard appears to be a brave figure, using his Titan to leap in the way of bullets and protect his fellow Eldians Gabi and Falco. It is, however, quite possible that Galliard wasn't acting on bravery and was instead certain of his ability to withstand gunfire with the absence of the anti-Titan artillery, indicating that he has fought on battlefields before. As a dedicated soldier, he charges right into the heat of battle, attacking an enemy gunman and crushing him for his people.[1]


Galliard saves Gabi and Falco

Galliard saves Gabi and Falco

Galliard is present at the battle of Fort Slava in the year 854. Under orders from the warriors' Marleyan superiors led by Commander Magath, he along with his comrade Pieck are unauthorized to engage in combat with the Mid-East Allied Forces at the fort due to the presence of the highly dangerous anti-Titan artillery. However, once Gabi succeeds in bombing the armored train which held the artillery, Galliard joins the fight and shields her and Falco from machine gun fire before charging forward, decimating the enemies defenses.[2]

People Killed


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