Gelgar (ゲルガー Gerugā?) was a member of the Survey Corps in Squad Mike.


Gelgar was a young man who had brown hair that he styled in a pompadour. He had a prominent nose, and wore the traditional Survey Corps uniform.


He was very serious about his job, and believed strongly in Mike Zacharias' decisions and abilities.[4] But when given the chance, he was also able to relax when he or his subordinates were not in danger. And like many of the Military personnel, he enjoyed drinking alcohol.[5]

Gelgar had a defeatist mindset in the later part of the attack on Utgard Castle. As shown when he gives up and allows himself to fall into the Titans' grasp after his blades and gas are exhausted.


Clash of the Titans arc

Gelgar is one of several soldiers brought by Mike Zacharias to oversee a group of potentially untrustworthy Survey Corps recruits.

Gelgar and Nanaba

Gelgar and Nanaba defend the recruits

Before an investigation can begin, Titans appear within Wall Rose. Mike orders the group to split into four squads to warn the nearby villages; Gelgar is placed in charge of the South squad. They eventually make their way to Ragako village, Connie Springer's hometown. After noticing the lack of blood and bodies, as well as the stable full of horses, he and Lynne try to keep Connie's hopes up about potential survivors.[6]

Gelgar then leads his team to investigate Wall Rose for breaches. As they search, they run into another group coming from the opposite direction, who have found no signs of a breach. Bewildered as to how they could have missed the breach, the two groups decide to take refuge in Utgard Castle as night falls.[7]

Gelgar with an empty bottle

Gelgar finds the bottle empty

Utgard Castle soon comes under attack from numerous Titans capable of moving during the night. Since the soldiers who had been under suspicion do not have vertical maneuvering equipment, Gelgar and Nanaba take the lead in engaging the Titans. However, Gelgar quickly runs out of swords and, after sustaining a head injury, loses the strength to continue fighting. He falls off the Wall and is thrown into one of Utgard Castle's rooms by a Titan, after Nanaba intervenes trying to save him. Spotting a bottle of alcohol on the floor, Gelgar is happy that he will at least have a final drink before dying, but is heartbroken to find that the bottle is empty. Gelgar angrily demands to know who drank the entire bottle, as a Titan reaches through the hole in the tower and eats him.[8]

Return to Shiganshina arc

As Erwin Smith contemplates his role as Commander of the Survey Corps and the lies he has told his comrades, he envisions himself standing atop a mountain of corpses of the soldiers he sent to their deaths. In his mind, Gelgar is with Nanaba and Mike at the top of the corpse mountain, staring back at him.[9]


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