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Gloria Bernhart (グロリア・ベルンハルト Guroria Berunharuto?) is a member of the Military Police Brigade, and is the commanding officer in charge of the Shiganshina District. She arrested Kuklo Munsell after he and the Survey Corps returned from their expedition outside the Walls.


She has red hair in a high ponytail that just about reaches her shoulders. She also wears oval-shaped glasses, with glossy lipstick. She wears the standard issue Military Police uniform.


As a member of the Military Police, Gloria acts condescending towards members of the Survey Corps and other citizens she views as being beneath her. She is not afraid to use her position to get what she wants, such as subtly threatening the permanent disbanding of the Survey Corps if Kuklo was not released to her custody or having a hand in the events in the Industrial City just so that it would favor her uncle more than his political rival.


Shiganshina arc

After Carlo Pikale and the Survey Corps return from their expedition, Gloria and a squad of Military Police are there to greet them. After introducing herself, she requests that Carlo hand over Kuklo.[1] Carlo, who does not know that Kuklo is the so-called "Titan's Child," questions Kuklo if he did anything before sneaking aboard their expedition that would get the Military Police attention. After denying it, he asks Gloria what would happen if that was his response.

Gloria demands Kuklo be handed over to the Military Police

Gloria demands that Kuklo be handed over to the Military Police

She begins to taunt him, saying that the Survey Corps are too focused on their traveling beyond the Walls to be interested in the reports from within the country; she explains that a few days ago, he was smuggled into Shiganshina and is under suspicion of serious crimes, including several murders, robbery, and kidnapping. She then reveals that the boy's name is Kuklo, and is known as the "Titan's Child."[2] She then threatens Carlo, saying that if he is concerned about the continued existence of the Survey Corps, he would not want to add to its failures any further.[3] After a moment, Carlo complies and hands over Kuklo.

Sometime later, Gloria visits the Training Corps in order to recruit Xavi Inocencio into the Military Police Brigade, due to his exceptional talent, grades, and his aristocratic station.[4] Gloria waits for Xavi to arrive at the Training Corps Superintendent's Office. Once she eyes Xavi over, she asks if it is true that he wishes to join the Military Police. When Xavi says he does, Gloria congratulates him and welcomes Xavi as the newest member of the Military Police.[5]

Visit to the Industrial City arc

Gloria heads an operation in Shiganshina District to weed out the remaining members of the Titan Cult.[6] After the leader is caught by Xavi, Gloria compliments the latter and declares the operation complete. As they retreat, Gloria accepts Xavi's request to question the ringleader by himself. The next day, she calls Xavi into her office to submit his report.[7] Despite knowing (or witnessing) Xavi effortlessly beat three elder members of the Military Police, she does not discipline him; Gloria explains that she recognizes Xavi's talent and ambition, saying that he should inform her if any of the three try to attack him again. After hearing his report, Gloria mentions that Xavi must be satisfied that he avenged his father's death and gives Xavi another assignment before he leaves.[8] She requests that Xavi go to the Industrial City to request fresh equipment and meet with Military Police Captain Jentsch Dafner as her proxy; since her uncle is in competition with Dafner for the position of Military Police Commander, Gloria and Dafner do not get along very well.[9]

Gloria laughing

Gloria is pleased that Xavi accepts his mission to the Industrial City

Gloria then reveals Xavi's real mission; to track down the Dissidence Movement that is lurking within the Industrial City.[10] Despite seeing them as a hindrance, the movement was a necessary evil to keep the lower class citizens pacified; however, Gloria states that they have grown bold enough to plot a rebellion within the Industrial City and take over the means of production for weapons and equipment.[11] She states that the uprising would be the perfect opportunity to damage Captain Dafner, ruining his chances of becoming the future commander of the Military Police. Gloria tasks Xavi to assist one of her subordinates who has been able to infiltrate the group. When Xavi agrees to do it, Gloria is pleased and mentions that he is the best man for the task.[12]

Dissidence Movement arc

Gloria arrives in the Industrial City

Gloria orders the gate to the Industrial City be breached

After the initial attack by the Dissidence Movement, Gloria arrives at the Industrial City. She orders one of her men to take down a lookout; as the body tumbles off the city wall, she mentions that it is time for the next part of the "revolutionary comedy" to begin and has a battering ram brought to the front; Gloria then demands the gate to be breached and the MP soldiers begin swarming through, killing any rebel fighters in sight.[13] Knowing that Dafner will no doubt be panicked over the sudden rebellion, she takes control of the group heading towards the mint. Before leaving, she tells the soldiers to slaughter anyone seen assisting the rebels or hindering the Military Police's progress.[14] Eventually, her troops rendezvous with those of Captain Dafner at the workshop of Xenophon Harkimo and addresses the leader of the Dissidence Movement, August. Calling him by his actual name, Gloria orders August to surrender himself.[15] Knowing that the revolution has failed and their hierarchy will dissolve under pressure, she is content with watching the remaining members of the Movement argue among themselves; she does request that her forces take them alive, as well as the hostages that were taken. When Dafner gives thanks for her assistance in quelling the rebellion, he also mentions that Gloria's arrival seemed a little too convenient; Gloria merely smiles and does not respond. Her men successfully capture August and get to Xenophon, but Sharle is taken by a teen who flies away on a strange device. After briefly conversing with Captain Dafner, Gloria orders her troops to track down the two while taking August to their headquarters for questioning; she muses that the teen seemed to be familiar, unaware that it is the same one she sentenced to death outside the Walls month before.[16]

Underground City Arc

Gloria attends a formal event the following night accompanying her uncle Bauduin and encounters Xavi at the event. Gloria, impressed with how Xavi was able to handle himself during the uprising (and dealing with Matteus), promotes him to the position of squad leader. She casually mentions that August was killed after the interrogation, subtly mocking how he believed that he would be given a pardon for revealing everything to the Military Police. As she is about to leave, Gloria spots Xavi's sister Sharle and inquires who she is; Xavi, nervous that Gloria would recognize her, hesitantly introduces his sister to Gloria. Gloria expresses slight surprise due to believing that she was taken by the 'Titan Child' during the attack on the Inocencio estate. Gloria is not fully convinced with the sibling's response but nonetheless, is pleased to meet Sharle and hopes they could be friends.

Several days later, Gloria is within the Military Police headquarters when she is notified that Sharle requested to see her. Coming outside, she finds Sharle and hears that two men tried to kidnap her. Disgusted, she orders them arrested and takes Sharle to her office. After giving her some tea, Gloria says that Sharle is full of surprises, noting how she was able to fight off both men on her own. After arranging for a carriage to take Sharle back to her family home, Gloria excuses herself and invites her to come back again.


  • Xavi Inocencio - As a member of the Inocencio family, Gloria took the time to personally go and enlist Xavi into the Military Police. She sees a lot of potential in the man and has shown some favoritism towards Xavi, letting him torture the leader of the Titan Cult and not disciplining Xavi for beating three senior MP's.
  • Jentsch Dafner - Gloria does not get along very well with Jentsch. As her uncle is a rival of Jentsch to become the next Commander of the Military Police, both Gloria and Jentsch routinely butt heads over how different they handle situations.


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