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Gloria Bernhart (グロリア・ベルンハルト Guroria Berunharuto?) is a member of the Military Police Brigade, and is the commanding officer in charge of the Shiganshina District. She arrested Kuklo Munsell after he and the Survey Corps returned from their expedition outside the Walls.


She has red hair in a high ponytail that just about reaches her shoulders. She also wears oval-shaped glasses, with glossy lipstick. She wears the standard Military Police uniform.


After Carlo Pikale and the Survey Corps return from their expedition, Gloria and a squad of Military Police are there to greet them. After introducing herself, she requests that Carlo hand over Kuklo.

Carlo, who does not know that Kuklo is the so-called "Titan's Child", questions Kuklo if he did anything before sneaking aboard their expedition that would get the Military Police attention. After denying it, he asks Gloria what would happen if that was his response.

Gloria Fullbody

Gloria demands Kuklo

She begins to taunt him, saying that the Survey Corps are too focused on their traveling beyond the Walls to be interested in the reports from within the country, and explains that a few days ago, he was smuggled into Shiganshina and is under suspicion of serious crimes; including several murders, robbery, and kidnapping. She then reveals that he is Kuklo, and his former name was the "Titan's Child".

She then threatens Carlo, saying that if he is concerned about the continued existence of the Survey Corps, he would not want to add to its failures any further. After a moment, Carlo complies and hands over Kuklo. Before putting up a fight, Kuklo spots Sharle Inocencio in the crowd. He gives Carlo the knife she gave him, and goes with the Military Police.

Sometime later, she visits the Training Corps in order to recruit Xavi Inocencio into the Military Police, due to his exceptional talent, grades, and his aristocratic station.