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Good Dog is the sixth short story of the Attack on Titan Anthology. It is written by Gail Simone, penciled by Phil Jimenez, inked by Alonso Nunez, colored by Elmer Santos, and lettered by Steve Wands.


A girl goes outside to sleep with her dog after her father complains about its incessant barking. That afternoon, the girl's parents die after the Wall is breached, letting Titans into the city. The girl escapes and finds the Titan that killed her mother. Her dog distracts a Titan while she sets up a trap. The Titan is led into the trap by the girl and it falls over the cliff. The girl begins to cry as she congratulates her dog.


On a night in Shiganshina District, a man orders his daughter to send her dog outside due to its incessant barking. She does as he asks, but goes outside with her dog. Outside, the girl and her dog spend the night together. The following morning, the girl is shooed out of the marketplace when her dog's barking begins to drive away customers and attract embarrassing attention. Later that day, the girl visits a fishing area on the river. Her dog jumps into the water, scaring away the fishes, and a fisherman tells her to take her dog elsewhere.

That afternoon, the Colossus Titan arrives at Shiganshina, breaching the Wall and letting the Titans into the city. Her father is killed by a falling boulder, and her mother urges her to run as she is caught and eaten by a Titan.

As the sun sets, the girl awakens beneath a pile of timbers to the sound of her dog's bark. She mourns the loss of her family, and before escaping the city she retrieves a set of vertical maneuvering equipment from a fallen corpse. In the early night, her dog begins to bark aggressively at a forest nearby. Within the forest, they find a cliff going down a good distance near to the Titan that killed the girl's mother. Using the equipment, the girl attaches a grapple between two trees as her dog distracts the Titan. When the trap is set, the girl flees to the cliff side with the Titan in pursuit. It trips over the equipment wire, falling over the cliff. The girl and her dog peer over at its motionless body, and the girl begins to cry as she congratulates her dog.