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Ilse's Notebook: Record of a Fallen Soldier

Hange is impatiently waiting to leave Trost District for the 49th expedition outside the Walls, wanting to capture a Titan to study. She tries to convince Levi Ackerman and Miche Zacharius to help her capture one but they both dismiss her. After the expedition has begins, she attempts to convince the commander, Erwin Smith, to authorize a Titan capture operation, but he refuses. She then takes her frustration out on Oruo Bozado, telling him how important it is to study targets if they are going to win while choking him.

Hange avoids an attack

Hange avoids an attack

After this, Titans are sighted in the vicinity and as the corps prepare themselves, Hange runs ahead and attempts to lead a Titan to the Walls. The Titan briefly chases her but suddenly changes course and runs to a spot in the woods. Hange follows it and tries to communicate with it, but the Titan does not pay attention. Taking advantage of the Titan's distraction, Oluo attempts a surprise attack, but stops when Hange asks him to, and is caught by the Titan. However, Levi kills it and saves Oluo, to Hange's disappointment.

Hange and the Special Operations Squad then find a notebook and the corpse of a Survey Corps soldier named Ilse Langnar. Upon reading the notebook, Hange returns Ilse's belongings to her parents and is able to convince Erwin to authorize capture operations. A short while after, with the help of the Special Operations Squad, Hange is able to successfully capture Titans with no casualties taken.[1]

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